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  1. Hej wszystkim! Z racji zbliżających się świat i na piękne zakończenie obecnego roku Odpaliliśmy kilka nowych serwerów w tym Ragnarok i Crystal Isles, jeśli ktoś uwielbia obecne tam wyverny obecnie posiadamy 3 serwery łącznie i całkiem zacne grono ludzi na discordzie Zapraszam do zabawy na serwerach Furia Polska Nazwa: FURIA POLSKA [WYSPA][PVE][EN/PL][SKLEP] https://ark-servers.net/server/241749/ FURIA POLSKA [CRYSTAL][PVE][SKLEP][CROSSPLAY][PL] https://ark-servers.net/server/295572/ IP: FURIA POLSKA [RAGNAROK][PVE][SKLEP
  2. Noglin zaprasza was na event pve w niedziele około godziny 15-16 Wyścigi konne na wyspie koordynaty 71-12 Trasa jest długa i miejscami zalana przeszkodami nagrody będą za pierwsze, drugie i trzecie miejsce na razie pozostaną tajemnicą, ale na pewno będzie cos kozackiego wiec warto się pojawić i spróbować To będzie pierwsza edycja, ale są już w planach kolejne Nie musicie nic ze sobą przynosić, chyba ze jedzenie i picie każdy dostanie swojego konia przed startem https://ark-servers.net/server/241749/
  3. Witamy w Furia Polska Najlepsze serwery w Polsce! Furia Polska to sieć serwerów zarówno pve oraz pvp w takich grach jak Conan Exile oraz Ark Survival, u nas znajdziesz świetne i pomocne community, eventy na serwerach, dużo zabawy oraz pomocnych adminów, na serwerach mamy sklep, różnego rodzaju skrypty i nagrody za aktywne granie oraz kity! wpadnij koniecznie sprawdzić! FURIA POLSKA [WYSPA] https://ark-servers.net/server/241749/ FURIA POLSKA [RAGNAROK] https://ark-servers.net/server/264781/ Disc
  4. So.... what about mods on epic game store? It's been 6months since epic added mod support, I've already asked everyone, even support and no one wants to answer,is there any information about it when? cmo devs wake up how much more do we have to wait before you settle it
  5. Yeah wildcard when mods will be on epic game store? please we need them you have large community on epic games store now
  6. What about mods on epic game store? is there any info about it? When mods will be on epic game store? they support mods now, so please talk to them we need mods on epic
  7. it's funny how broken this system is.....content should be split from singleplayer where you can get everything and unlock it in seconds and then move to other servers, including official ones, private, it is known that they have somewhere, but official too? It's crazy, they themselves created the requirements for how to unlock them and now they let people just 1 click to get them wow I am in awe of this neglect
  8. No, only one person have has access to such things, Corrupted set, HomoDeus set and Manticore are not default survivor items, that's why I ask, it does not make sense, especially considering that the server has been running for half a year and now it is the first such case the problem appeared during the current event @and yes i have anti-cheat enabled on server
  9. No this is not normal, i mean ALL skins from game, even those from other maps and those he hasn't unlocked, I know that after death there are skins that we unlocked, etc. but this is crazy
  10. Hi i have interesting problem on my private server (no mods) one player, after death receives all available skins in the game to his inventory and only him, he just dies, wakes up and then you go, all skins has anybody met with something like this? I have the impression that this is a bug related to the current event, there was no such thing before, servers have 6months so far so its not new, we dont use mods. MAP: The Island
  11. Is what is written above really true? I really really HATE WC for this poopty communicate formula, i cant find any info about it, really shame to them, many people who buy servers thinks that this system works......well F then if this is true, Like DILO, really? now i need to find every employee who wc paying to check they private twitter accout to find this info? bullpoop do we have list of all this people who speak on private accounts?
  12. Nope they remove app from store, it was cool ;/ maybe they working still on it? but yeaaah i dont think so ;/ RIP
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