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  1. the wyvern eggs will be disappeared immediately in player inventory .
  2. its happening when you losing your connection to the server due any network problem . the main reason is for your internet provider not servers bugs . how to fix ? 1. if you play on xbox hold the power button for 10 second for clearing game cash or if you playing on pc restart your pc . 2.after that you have to ( its important ) change your internet connection . for example if you using ADSL ,now use TDLTE for connecting to internet or use your cellphone internet (hot spot mod). all you have to do is changing your internet connection from different net provider . (another I
  3. We've all sent tickets about the ddossing. Tickets were closed within 24 hours. We even had pics of them running the doss program on their Xbox feed and sent them as evidence WC Did nothing. WC dont care at all . people are undermap meshing again and ddossing servers so your ping goes to 255 and you can't play . still original XBOX server's are 99% safer instead of crossplay servers but all this junks happened cus of pc player . the worse things just search in google to see there are some website they selling ddose and meshing software . if WC cant do anything about those creepy websit
  4. series x and xbox one ? Can Xbox Series X players play with Xbox One players?
  5. thank you and much appreciated for sharing your experience ? im playing on official PVP in valguero and we have to face Dragon / monticore / monkey at same fight .i will keep in mind your advice . im going to tame much more wild things . thank you again
  6. much appreciated for information ?
  7. but for example rock golem if you hit its body before knocking it down you can have 89% TE .so doing damage on taming will lose TE
  8. BOSS FIGHT QUESTION Hey. i want to ask you guys which dino should we breeding for Broodmother & monticore and Dragon ? and why ? which health and melee is enough ? 1 .its clear the basic male and female we choose for mutation process in long term will be used to breeding super dinos for Alpha boss fight's and i need your advice to know which one could be best choice ? .REX ? .WOOLLY RHINO ? .MEGATHERIUM ? 2 .and did you guys ever tried 2 or 3 velonasaur for monticore fight ? cus according to ark wikki velonasaur is acceptable to arena transfer
  9. taming effectiveness for example for taming Karkinos even with clear cannon shoot still its gonna lose health and losing TE . my question is in general for taming all K.O dinos if before we knocked it down (when its start flee)can we using snow owl or daeodon healing to completely healing the trapped dino for achieving 99% taming effectiveness ?
  10. ARK STORIES There will be no EVO event this week.
  11. Taming Tropeognathus XBOX so on official when we trapped one how long we should shoot him bola and waiting for starve taming ? looks like its gonna lose food fast but i need to know exactly the right time .
  12. but in playstation store it said 15.69 GB ?
  13. just use 3 woolly RHino Horns its very easy and also wyvern milks will work as antidot too .
  14. Basilo only will be tame by kibble ( exceptional ) . do not use foods . also use baryonyx for killing mantas nice and easy .
  15. if you wish to introduce your server depends on which platform you play please make a post in Server Administration which is used for Server Advertisements . good luck
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