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  1. Post results if you can. I had a good weight Dunkleo on the go and was excited it might be able to do more, but I noticed there was no inventory amount change, so I looked a bit closer lol.
  2. I've also had 2/5 Juvenile Tek Rex starve through the night. Empty trough, but the three survivors still had 3k food left, and well over 2500+ of life left, at over 25% maturation, and all were near duplicates in stats
  3. Dunkleosteus Weight Reduction As of v312.65, the Dunkleo isn't reducing the weight of Black Pearl, Crystal, Obsidian, or Stone. I attempted with 50/100/100/100, which gave weights of 100/100/100/50 both on my character and on the Dunkleo.
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