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  1. #Sapphire50xPVP_starters_tekdrops New server on Ark Ragnarok- please come and join us. Welcoming all players. I am trying to get more players on my new server. I have starter packs for all new players which includes max level griff and enough materials and ammunition to build a small base. Generous loot drops Admin who’s on hand to help and maybe help newbies build Weekly events with great rewards for example last reward was 3 high level tames, 1mil bullets etc 6 man tribe and Alliances allowed For any existing player who recommends someone to this server will be given a free max level tame No server wipe unless voted to by players Happy for players to give feedback in case changes need to be made to the server Have fun! it's a game guys...enjoy it! if this server interests you, please join us or leave a message below if you have any questions
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