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  1. Sorry but the answer is no to both. We noticed the random demo when we demolish on another part of the map. We really need dev to fix this. I know they spawn dino for players who usually lie about how they lost them. Like a guy we ran into with a dragon over lvl 300. Admin spawned. On official pvp. So I know that an admin has the ability to give us a foundation replacement.
  2. Random holes appear everywhere. Last night I was in our bird pen and i look up and a random ceiling tile is gone. Our breeding area was the worst. Foundations just vanishes. and it had the main electric cord feed to the whole breeding facility. Cant build anywhere near the building at all. This always appears to be randomly generated. Still waiting for Developer response. Submitting tickets does nothing.
  3. We are on The northeast Volcano Island. Northeastern most part of the map on Center. Ash Island.
  4. Okay, I've reached my boiling point. Every server my tribe goes to and every game mode we play we continually get the "red build bubble of destiny" at our main base. This time, ark has hit us below the belt. DURING THE VALENTINES EVENT OF ALL DAYS. Literally in the middle of breeding and spawning dinos and in the normal course of hatching 10 giga and 15 bronto and rex, the build bubble and RANDOM STRUCTURE DISSAPEARANCE engages. You look one minute all is well. You turn around, go on meat run? (Because I don't know, maybe it's because we ARE RAISING 10 GIGA AND 15 BRONTO!!!!) What happens? Literally before our eyes structures disappear. This time, it was a single foundation in the dead center back wall of our breeding facility that had AC units sitting on it and an electrical cord THAT POWERED OUR ENTIRE AC UNIT AND FRIDGE NETWORK - Gone. Just vanished. ****king VANISHED. THERE GOES POWER TO FRIDGES AND AC UNITS. Bye bye valentines event. It won't let us build anywhere even close to the building. Can't connect anything. Nothing. I'm so absolutely disgusted with this beyond measure. Played the game since day one. I put in many tickets when this happened before to only get an automated response. I even helped to organize threads of the many people seeing the same issues. But now, the glitch strikes in the middle of a major breeding event in the middle of our breeding facility. Disgusted. Sick of this. Still not fixed. No notes. No developer discussion on this. Just ignored. We need an admin in our Xbox official center pvp server to go in and force place our electrical cord and foundation that miraculously disappeared please. I'm not joking. Make this right. I'm beyond disgusted.
  5. So I have narrowed down part of it with an issue with pillar placement supporting floor tiles under very large structures like dino warehouses. If they are incorrectly spaced or placed on seams of tiles then it screws anything you try to place thereafter in that supportive chain. Its going to take some tweaking but I am still investigating.
  6. Have had yet another experience with the build bubbles. New server, new issues, building large pen, then randomly the middle of the structure randomly will not allow placements. big hole in roof, and on part of the front. Fix this ark come on!
  7. I was curious, I have found a significant gameplay glitch and would like to report it, but I remember back some time ago that ark was willing to pay money to testers if they found a significant glitch that could be repaired. Is this still a thing? [Edited for spelling error]
  8. Good idea
  9. The reason servers in pvp are low population is because of bully tribes. Xbox Cross ark cluster 3 is a ghost town. A group of 25 players patrol the cluster hourly. They wipe every group on all three servers. They literally deny a server set of 300 useable slots and if you join they will march giga and dragons to your wood house. They are denying anyone access. Many servers are like this. Here soon I predict on the Xbox network maybe three or four super tribes wiping all the servers repeatedly. Pretty soon 25k playable slots on official pvp Xbox servers will be controlled by about 100 players. These are the lvl 100 colonels with crap buckets. Kids with No jobs destroying the ark community for the adults with jobs who wanted to enjoy an honorable pvp experience. Socio paths sitting in front of xbox with their Mountain Dew and giant pump bottles of jergens lotion with tissue boxes everywhere know nothing of honorable game play. Immediate gratification. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.
  10. You missed the point and are purposely trying to just be right rather than contribute to a viable suggestion. Thanks
  11. Sure, that's fine enough.... however, when you DC abruptly and can't leave the server properly enough to put your stuff in a box before you log off and your tribe mate walks along and takes that item........ nothing is written in to address that scenario.
  12. Who here hates to log into ARK, and go to their inventory and find that some lazy tribe member has stolen your canteen because they were terrible ARK players and lost theirs and were too darn lazy to gather the resources to make themselves another one? What about that Mastercraft weapon that nobody wants to admit to stealing from you in the night because they are lazy self-serving cowardly players? I know I hate it with a passion. This is the stuff that breaks tribes apart on a regular basis. I literally have seen tribes split apart over a Journeyman Sword that came up missing. Sad little royalty complex players. Mine mine mine!!!!! I propose that just as ark can write the code to show what you are picking up in the world there should be a corresponding personal log that tells you when inventory enters and leaves your inventory. ..... Problem Solved. They should put me on the payroll I say!
  13. This is not a rare issue, if you check out this Thread and this Thread there are many players experiencing the same exact issues. This is not a rare server side or client side issue, this is a global issue, a critical bug. I am trying to narrow down the use of lumber support pillars as being the cause. Still working on it. Not a single mention from Wildcard yet as to any updates on this. Keep an eye on those threads for updates.