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  1. Question about access to items in PVE Hey all, on the official Rag server I play, I set up a base in the middle of the map that I wanted to be freely accessable by everyone, not just by me or my tribe. There's some unlocked crafting stations, and they work and people can use them. I also set up some crop plots and unlocked them, so people can get some vegetables. But when they try to take something from the crop plots, they cannot. They can open the inventory, but they cannot take out any veggies. Does anyone know why that is? And what I have to change to make the crop plots a
  2. I just checked the Leedsichthys - it's a shame they attack rafts. I've come to know them as calm creatures when diving. But it seems their spawning area is always at the edge of the map, so if I stay close to the shore, I'll be safe from them ... maybe? I give it a try.
  3. Oh, the entire raft can break? Damn! I built mine two stories high, all made of stone. And I put all my belongings onto the first level, so in case some fish attacks me, it wouldn't attack my stuff. Or so I thought. But if the whole raft breaks ... uh. :(
  4. Thanks everyone! Nice idea to make a raft and go to the desert in Ragnarök! I'm doing that. Or let's see, maybe I use the raft for a base for some time. I never used a raft in solo, but it's really fun to float around with one. And if it's only the spawning areas that are overcrowded, then that's okay, I can go inland. The lags are a problem, though. They got me killed twice while just fighting small dinos.
  5. Switched from Solo to Online and need some advice Hi, after soloing some arks and having about 700 hours solo gameplay, I tried online servers yesterday for the first time. I tried some of the official the-Island-servers, and also some Ragnaröks. It was the same on all those servers: The beaches and rivers were full of bases and leftovers of bases and dino traps, so there were no dino spawns. It was almost impossible to even find a Para to tame. I'm really glad I soloed the arks, because I really would've wondered where all the dinos are if I had started out online. So - are there an
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