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  1. Mod dosn't appear in game after Download from workshop (Works on TestOutPut/Kit) I've been posting on quite a few places but I can't seem to get any help, but decided to try one more round of forum posts so here we go~~ I can not get my mods and my mods only to appear in game once downloaded. I have uploaded them multiple times on this main and one alt, but they won't appear. I have made mods before with the same method on a different pc so it must be steam, the uploader, my security software, or my connection/ports. I made multiple versions but for example: One is a cooked map extension with some rocks/boulders. The South Western Island of The Island facing East has no rocks, so I added some via painting foliage with its foliage settings to a new map under the TheIslandSubMaps folder. Nothing crazy. It SEEMS to upload fine, no errors recorded in the logs or workshop log, will paste part of it at the bottom. I have tried with and with out the generic mod folder files: primaldata (copied/child), test mod(copy/child), and the generic map, all have different name extensions added to match the modfolder. I have tried attaching them to each other, not attached, attached to the maps. It doesn't seem to matter, they all don't appear. I have tried uploading through the devkit and the SteamCMD. They appear to upload completely. The file appear in my workshop with the picture and info. The mods butt tiny so it's about around 20-40 kilobytes depending on how many rocks are painted. I sub like normal and the downloads on steam says it download the size, installs in game, added to my mod list, and nothing... log info workshop: {[2020-08-01 15:02:49] [AppID 346110] Upload starting for workshop item 2184558479 by AppID 346110 [2020-08-01 15:02:51] [AppID 346110] Uploaded new content ( ManifestID 571616016144xxxxxxxx ) for item 2184558479. [2020-08-01 15:02:52] [AppID 346110] Uploaded new workshop preview file G:\ArkDevKit\ARKEditor\ModTools\Output\MyModMapExtension\rock256p.png [2020-08-01 15:02:52] [AppID 346110] Upload finished for workshop item 2184558479 : OK log content info: { [2020-08-01 14:40:57] Loaded 0 apps from install folder "G:\ArkDevKit\ARKEditor\ModTools\SteamCMD\steamapps\appmanifest_*.acf". Let me know if any of you want a certain log. They all pretty much say the say thing so I'll just clip curtain uploads. Has anyone had this issue and has a fix? It's been four weeks of this testing and I can't figure it out.
  2. Edit: I found out the issue. The mod is fine, but there's something going on with cooking or uploading. If you send it directly to your mod folder with the testing location output it will work if made correctly. Somewhere it's getting messed up by steam, uploader, or cooker. Still doing testing.
  3. Need Help on making a New Island Extension Work (Possibly Broken in Kit) For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to get a New Island Extension Mod to appear in game. I have made them before and they worked, but now they will not appear in game. I have for the past 2 1/2 weeks read over 50+ forum posts on Unreal, made posts with no replies, contacted the devs with no replies, contacted youtubers making tutorials with no replies, copied youtube tutorials to the letter by Donkey, The Wookie, and many other, tried at least 80+ attempts in cooking and testing via the my steam client single player. I even went back an looked at my older mods which have the exact same file contents yet the new versions do no appear in game All I'm doing i painting Rock foliage with settings ontop a new level in The Island Submaps using the Island's Landscape map. I have tried with and without primal game data, assets saved in a mod folder, streaming, layers, other resources, and a ton of other combo cooks. It will not appear in game at all. I noticed other people are having the same issue like one modded named SphericalCircle on the Unreal forums.. I don't know if it's the Dev kit or uploader, or users errors, or game versions or what. If someone could help me out, save my sanity, I would be so grateful.
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