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  1. You get element dust from tek dinosaurs and also you can get which i could understand is gachas are on extinction where you get the engram.
  2. So i have gotten quite a bit of element dust and i've seen that you can get element shards on the wiki with them but im not able to craft it any reasons to why? do i need some dlc? bcs if so that is dumb since u can get element dust on any map
  3. You should be able to craft element shards from element dust there should be no reason for it to be only on extinction since you can get dust on any map and without the dlc you are losing an opertunity to get element just beacuse of a recipe learnt from engram
  4. So im playing on a server called Ghost Division and they restart daily at 12am Prague time and after the restart The Center Or Crystal Isles don't work and are frozen
  5. Hi so if I type GiveAllExplorerNotes or Cheat GiveAllExplorerNotes it doesn't do anything any reasons to why?
  6. Is there a way to give all like in source engine if you type ; between commands it will run them all
  7. Epic and Steam Connection Hello, everyone! I wanted to ask a question about the steam and epic version since I own both versions. I don't want to download both version since my disc would be completely full. Is there a way to have both versions but just the size of one?
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