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  1. I play on PC using Steam. I have tried connecting through other means and get unable to query server info for invite when I try to join by directly connecting to an IP. I have tried a VPN and it does not help. also I have tried loading with and without Battle eye
  2. Also I am giving $100 to anyone who fixes the issue
  3. No Official Servers Show up when searching Hey all, Two weeks ago I turned on Ark after an update and when I did no servers came up when I searched for Official Servers. It says No servers found. So I looked for Unofficial Servers. None came up. The only servers that will show are Non-Dedicated Servers. Everything else says no servers found. So I reached out and got told to try all sorts of things. Port forwarding Uninstall/reinstall Both the game and Steam its self. Tried connecting to server via steam servers. Tried installing experimental patch. Contacted Ark support an
  4. I can confirm that this does not work. You guys ever going to fix your game? Hey here's a fun idea. Since you all just can't wait until you have a stable patch to put out. How about you give people the choice of which patch they want to run their servers on and play your game. Since you can't patch things for crap.
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