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  1. They really dont care lol Funny cos theyre trying to sell us Genesis 2 hahahahaha
  2. Dunno why you guys are wasting your time with this game. I uninstalled it after this fear evolved patch. Getting a blue screen after trying to place a structure from my hotbar was enough for to ggquit.
  3. Ark in reality is basically an early access game. Thats it. It's never been a 100% polished game. Ark came out in 2015. It's been 5 years. I play on the xbox app on windows and it is the most broken version of ark. I dont know if its windows fault, or wildcard, but after seeing bug after bug with patch after patch, and now to a point where if I try to place a building down from my hotbar, the game blue screens. WELL - I HAVE FINALLY UNINSTALLED THIS GAME!!!! And it will stay uninstalled. WoW Shadowlands, and Rust are games that come to mind now.
  4. Happening to me too....I honestly don't know why Wildcard are so bad with their updates. They honestly do no testing prior to deployment....
  5. As per title above. Dunno what Wildcard has done however I'm noticing huge delays with structures (replicators, teleporters, ceilings, walls etc) to spawn in. Sometimes it takes over a minute - two minutes. Was not like this before.....
  6. Wildcard. You really need to up your game. We are your player base. You expect us to be interested in Genesis 2, and fork out more money, whilst this is the quality you produce after an update? You dump an update to us, you don't even test it, you deploy it, say bye bye for a day, and you left a whole community just waiting... This is not the work of a professional studio, you are embarrassing yourself to your customers.
  8. And they expect us to spend on money on Genesis 2......... I will however be spending my coin on Baldurs Gate 3....and maybe Conan Exiles.
  9. LOSING CHARACTER DUE TO CHARACTER TRANSFER After losing maybe 3 survivors in different tribes, some tribes that I was owner of, I am now saying goodbye to this mess of a game. Everyone in the xbox crossplay community is losing characters, and sometimes losing tribes that they made, with no support from Wildcard... If I look at some of the top multiplayer games I've played on...Overwatch, WoW, FFonline, Rust, (to name a few) they all have some type of online support function where eventually someone will get back to you (not only will they get back to you but they would fi
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