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  1. Yep, not that spectacular but then again, wasn't expecting wonders either.
  2. Soooo, Anyone done anything noteworthy lately?
  3. Just to be sure for my information. You are currently a max level character with the experience bar fully maxed out? If so, then that might be a bug. But, to clarify (and you might already know this) you do not gain 10 levels instantly. Your level cap is raised by 10 levels. You will still need to get the experience for 10 lvls. So be sure to check your experience bar, if that's not maxed out, you did get the reward. If not, you might want to submit a report.
  4. It's more of a request really.. Specifically for gen 2 maps (don't know of other maps having this issue) But on gen 2 everyone and their mother has at leas 1 and sometimes multiple skiffs. A skiff counts as a creature with a platform saddle. Result, no one can build on their skiff anymore because "There are too many creatures with a platform saddle" So if you were lucky enough to be able to build on your skiff before everyone and their mother got 2 or more skiffs, and your stuff breaks, you are out of luck. I'm not suggesting to no longer let them count for the platform limit, but for the love of pixels, let us build on skiffs that already have structures on 'm. If my bed breaks, let me put down a new bed, if my storage breaks let me put down a new storage etc. Sure, removing them from the creatures with platform saddle would please everyone most, but i'm pretty sure we can forget about that one. So please, let us build on platform saddles that already have structures on it!
  5. copyright is universal, and yes, does stand in a videogame
  6. LayDee

    tame limit

    Think he is talking about the server cap. Most gen 2 servers are capped right now and it's not possible to breed/tame anything on 'm. I understand that they wanted to have a downside, a penalty if you will, to having stryders, but now the actions of some affect all and none can do anything about it.
  7. You probably do not have that specific map installed, check your dlc downloads
  8. Never have mine on wander for paste though. I just have 12 lined up in 3 rows of 4, parked a gacha on top of 'm Empty out the gacha once every day and got sh*t tons of paste The 1200 extra paste I could get by putting 'm on wander as well... eeeh that's peanuts to what the gacha gathers It's just a tip.
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