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  1. The original post is already pic....,the tester post result by pics
  2. case 1 and case 2 r correct,but case2+ , I see another formulas ,this chinese guy do alot test ,but i dont understant his formula ,asked him for replying
  3. Can you upload the newer file,i cant visit https://c.url.onl/font
  4. i use to play a unofficial server which had run 4 years ,never heard anyone tame a 60 dino,if there was one , the admin should know for a server record(we players in one discuss group,daily 20 active player)
  5. NOT exactly like that ,as the point r allocated by psuedo random
  6. A wild 150 levels rex as example. 100% tame effective ,then it will be 225 level,and then what the max attribute of the damage? I ever have heard that the single attribute can not be higher than 23% of the whole attributes(so the single max attribute is 225*0.23=51.75≈52,and according to ark smart breeder, the damage can not be higher than 431.6) except flyer for no wasted point Is that true ?
  7. yeah,buy them from a shop plugins (plugin of arkapi.dll),which i think the shop gives me the "forcetamed" parents through console commander.
  8. recently , I get 2 deinoychus by console and get them mated,then i hatch the deinoychus egg and get a second generation deinoychus,and i notice that the damage of the second generation is much higer than parents,an the second deinoychus doesnt mutates and imprinted.
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