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  1. Hello everyone! Bumping as we broke well into the top 1000 nitrado hosted servers. From top 30,000 to top 800 in 6 weeks! We've had some good pvp happening lately including the formation of some decent size tribes. There is still a lot of unclaimed land and opportunity and now a link to Scorched Earth for those hunting wyverns and rock golems!
  2. Hello everyone! Bumping this thread as we just added our first server to the cluster on 8/24. The cluster now includes The Island (1 month old) and Scorched Earth (1 day old).
  3. Bumping as we have upped the tribe limit and have put in place a live event to bridge the gap until the next official live event. Check our discord or message me on PSN for more details.
  4. Hello everyone! Bumping as we have a new live event active. See our discord for more details!
  5. Hi everyone! Bumping with an update! We have seen a good uptick in the amount of people starting. Some tribes forming, and a couple moving to the server. Plenty of space and good spots to build still available. Get in now! I will be on and off this weekend to deliver starter sets of gear to those interested, so shoot me a PSN message (Osprey_Man) if you've recently joined and want a supply drop from me to get you started off right! Also, at the request of a couple tribes, we are upping the limit to 8.
  6. Hi everyone! Bumping for the day as I'm getting on to welcome new players right now. See you in game soon.
  7. Hi everyone! Bumping due to changes to server rules and events!
  8. Handful of new players already getting on and started. Expecting more soon so get in and start claiming those spots that usually get competitive fast. Loot crates hidden around the island with top tier gear and helpful GM on in the evenings EST.
  9. The Ark First Legion - New Players Welcome "The Ark First Legion", a freshly started PVP server is looking for new players! Search by name, or add Osprey_Man on PSN and ask for an invite. Server Settings Settings slightly tweaked from official PVP servers allowing you to get an official PVP experience without dealing with established alpha tribes or griefers, or having to rebuild entirely at a snail's pace. Resets only occur after updates rolled out to PSN network or if settings changed and you are given a 5 minute warning. Downtime minimal! Notable settings inclu
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