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  1. Havent the devs said that cryopods will be sooner ingame then extinction, while i do love the fact that everything is so different again now... Its just a huge time waste and when you play alone 90% of the time have work/children its impossible the get a decent imprint. I tryed myself to get a decent imprint and because of server lag/rollbacks i could only do 1... crypods should be faster in the game then before in my opinion. It does not hurt anyone and if you do not like it then just do not use them Servers are starting to lag because people already are at dino cap at certain tribes.
  2. When i lets say attack a megalodon i can hit him once then my attacks don't register anymore i need to attack another meg or swim a ful circle in order to get a hit again is this a bug or intentional?
  3. EU-PVE-5181 and 5184 again not in server list again for about 3 hours now...
  4. 5182,5183,5184 fully down again after 3 hours nowhere to be found...
  5. Allot of servers went down now 5181, 5184,5185,5186,5187,5188,5189 for the last hour or longer so maybe some stability/memory fixes on their end? 5184 went down yesterday for 6 - 7 hours also without a clue what happened
  6. What happened to EU-PVE-TheIsland5184? its the only server down (cannot find it in the list) for the last 3 hours? anyone know what happened? Thanks in advance
  7. i bought it and i actually regret it.... i should have waited untill the hype was a gone. I play only on PVE servers. Everything is full of pillars/foundations so the whole beach around the map is not playable. If you happen to have a little place of your own (like me) people bring wild dinos to your base so they can destroy it and claim your space also for pillars and foundations. People are also getting blocked off so they are forced to go away because everyone is placing foundations/pillars so you cannot expand and there are no resources respawning... on my map even carnivour isle was fully blocked with foundations nothing could respawn its a disaster. On top of that servers are crashing every 30 min with a rollback of 15 min so you lose allot of your stuff for no reason... Or i am unlucky with the map i choose to play on but the few hours i played on the map i saw people joining general chat asking if there was a pillar free space on this map so im guessing all maps are blocked atm with pillars/foundations. In my opinion wait a few weeks before buying ASA so the hype has worn off and you can claim a bit of land for your own.
  8. Ok thanks for helping me out ill check the website later and report them.
  9. I was playing on a PVE server and set up my base The next day somebody completly blocked me in with foundations and pillars so could not do anything the moment i came out of my base they brought an alpha rex and completly destroyed it... I took screenshots and clips and want to submit these as its against the code of conduct under griefing... Thanks in advance
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