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  1. Chinese crashing our server right now

    1. This is a week old and I was hoping someone from Wild Card would respond, but they were obviously too busy sleeping on their bed of money to talk to a peasant. Oh, sorry. Player. 2. I specifically didn't say my server because I don't need other people joining in. But, I'll probably just delete the posts because WC won't do crap about it because the Chinese wiping servers keep those servers low population. Then WC can remove them and save more money that they wont need to funnel into game development and instead funnel it into their new car for Thursday driving.
  2. @Jat, @Jen, @Stark Chinese are using something to crash our server. They are posting some portal looking things in chat and crashes the server. Come to our server right now.
  3. Invisbile Limit On Dino Inventory?

    On all official servers I have played on, all dinos have a 300 item limit, meaning you can have 300 stacks of items in the inventory so long as you have the weight to hold them. I use small dinos to hold all my fertilizer as you can put 300 stacks (30lbs) on a dodo. Saves on having so many storage boxes or vaults to hold items. Though, with meat, you should be able to hold about 600lbs of meat as each stack is 2lbs. That would be 6000 total meat with 20/stack and 300 stacks. Hope that helps. Other quick tip, you can't add more to your inventory or your dinos once you hit 300, so if you harvest after you hit item limit, the harvested items will be deleted and if you split stacks in your inventory and it goes over the 300 item limit, the split stack is deleted. Your implant, and items in your hot bar count towards the 300 item limits of your inventory. EDIT: I just realized this is on Primitive Plus. I haven't played this type yet, so I might be wrong. I was searching for a different bug and stumbled onto this post. So, if someone who plays this game type knows for sure, let me know as well. Thanks! - Dustin
  4. tame Untameable Diplodocus

    I am having a very similar issue. I have tried to tame 3 different diplodocus' non-violently and none of them have worked. I get the promt once or twice and then never again. I used the magnifying glass and it's torpor slowly is going up and their health slowly drops until it dies. It drops 10 HP every 25 seconds. It is very annoying. I leave the area for 5 minutes or so and it still is just slowly dying. Only once I was able to get it's HP to go up, but then it just dropped again till it's death once I returned to the area. I have tamed three other diplodocus' just fine, but it seems to be a fairly common glitch to happen half the time. Maybe it glitches if I accidentally hit it once after I start the tame because something is trying to kill it. I don't know. Just keep wasting kibble and my time ont his.
  5. Intro to Tribe Rankings!

    I would say to have a separate window open like there is for Custom Consumables or Painting dinos/structures that is accessible from the radial menu. Having to set a dino to rank 10 for all three options means I need to access the radial menu at least 30 times, more if I accidentally select the "decrease" option. It would also be nice to have a mass setting to change everything already placed. Otherwise, we have to change every chest, door, etc. one at a time and on bigger tribes, you're talking hours of work.