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  1. Hmm, sooo for pvp we don't need chairs obviously. So how do we replace climbing picks for aberration ?? (
  2. Sooooo, who uses chair for anything besides pve purposes.
  3. Just another thought to balance out the corrupted attacks on players bases. You could have drone's that fight the corrupted Dino's and possibly the guy who led them there. Also, in some areas have these drone's to make people less likely to raid. However easy to destroy but good enough to make some damage happen when pvp starts. More bases would be safer for people in the start or "safe like" zones

    1. invincibleqc


      Hey Bobtheangry! Just to let you know that you should rather post your suggestions in the Game Suggestions section because by posting them on your profile, this is very unlikely they will get any visibility. ?

  4. Lol, haven't been on in awhile. However, I do watch nerd parade and I'm shocked you can't do a shield plus pistol combo. (advance pistols only)

  5. why don't cannon balls have a certain amount of health and turrets shoot them and hopefully destroy the cannon ball before impact I feel this is very necessary 

  6. yooooo,  so we all know and love the idea of your Dino's being able to guard your base if you're off line well guess what people lead them away and kill them so easily no matter how high if a lol and people don't like when their Dino's go all crazy if they arent on passive for something so small like a bug attacking or we all know that one tribe mate that accidently pressing the follow all key.  So I suggest the ability to set a behavior for the Dino to lock in the position it's in and no matter if he is on aggressive or natural or whatever that Dino will go back to that position it was set to be at.  Also, there should be a range or an anti cliff chaser option so if it detects a cliff it'll stop chasing and go back to its area. If it's getting snipped well there should be an option for it to try to hide. No a animal I know will just sit there getting bullied put into its brain why should ark. One last thing I love the idea of the skin, like the glide suit, to be able to effect the the equipment it's on.  So why can't there be shoulder lights or low tech spikes you can put on your armor as a counter for stupid bobs tying to knock you out. 

  7. 627 on Xbox 1 has me trapped I can't leave the server because it keeps kicking me. ..


  8. Everyone knows the biggest problem with ark is the same repeating game play all the time.  It's annoying and it's dyes out really quickly.  Now my idea of a more fun playing style would be this.  What if when you click on the sword engram in not only gives you a sword but brings down many options like duel knifes or hidden blades in your sleeves or a battle axe.  Or the bola you click on it and you can get rope they both do the same thing just in there own way.  It's an endless possibility for real 

  9. Sooo, kinda taking this from lord of the rings.  What if you guys made moving platforms that you can build high towers that can only be pushed my huge Dino's or pulled so you can ride up to these bases in huge towers that have like a drawbridge that release on top of gates.  giving a different raiding option that's effective against turrets but gives a reason to build rocket turrets that have an option to know attack building . That would be fun 

  10. I'm about to blow up my Xbox 

  11. god I am not having a good day.  just lost a 200+ frog and an igronadon and master craft gear because the stupid servers are timing me out again ? the old update was way better then this new one 

    1. KrakenOverlord


      sucks bro. :( Keep up the good fight!

  12. Soooo  my dilos (10) one 2 male the rest female will not lay eggs after an hour of watching them...  Does anyone have any good advice on that 

  13. yup and they just ignore us.  I'm playing Conan 

    1. Bobtheangry


      NEVER MIND!!!  lmao I got in 

  14. Does anyone else have a hard time tying to join severs after this latest update... Ever sense it always times me out from trying to join I'm on cross ark 8 for Xbox 1 and it's so much because I'm about to lose everything do to auto decay
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