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  1. Bobtheangry

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    ... I mean really... REALLY!!! these three animals pachy, scorpion, from still don't have a tlc. First off I love these animal for there ko ability amazing to have for taming and pvp but they are long over due for some work. I know this needs to happen with out a doubt in my mind. I mean really why aren't the patchys bigger and why do their charge attacks still suck butt. The scorpion why can't it grab with its claws. And the frog should be able to grab things with its tongue. Please.... Make a tlc for them
  2. Bobtheangry

    more then just Dino

    So new in aberration you have the glide suit and Rock climbing picks. What if you can build a small farming flying machine that you can build on a primitive lvl. So the need for a Dino will be a choice and instead of just a quetzel you have this machine able to fly Dino's around too. Has a platform and so on. This would be amazing to help anti raiding and raiding because it has both defence and offence features but it's not op because you can still be shot off. I also believe having a base on wheels that's can be moved by a Dino. It's weight plays a factor but won't die like a dino with a platform sattle that can die and you lose everything. Still can be raided but will be safe from free roaming Dino's. This would play a huge benefit for a solo survivor so he is constantly on the move. Everyone knows keeping your base in one place is a huge mistake but being able to move it with out building base is huge and won't be cancer either by this single base shacks every where. I also the mountain bike like travel would be a huge improvemeant too. Giving the player a huge amount of option from Dino survival too the normal human evolution survival. It's amazing to think that you could do either or.
  3. Bobtheangry


    Thanks you're truly a great help!
  4. Bobtheangry


    Let me try again cause it'll work after 10 mins. It'll say joining for a looong time then it'll stop not saying anything then a press it again but it's a huge hit and miss because it'll start joining but it'll glitch hard core in the middle of it 1/20 times I'll get in but then it'll time me out in the middle of playing...
  5. Bobtheangry


    Thanks isn't working though... 😢 Just wish it didn't happen during double experience weekend
  6. Bobtheangry


    I'm on Xbox 1
  7. Bobtheangry


    Does it by chance say when it'll be a update for it
  8. Bobtheangry


    Thanks wow I was getting so annoyed
  9. Bobtheangry


    Why can't I join my dang server!!!!!!
  10. Bobtheangry

    pvp Who's down for a challenge

    It's on Xbox 1 lol sorry for not replying earlier I had raged quite not even gonna lie
  11. ... Im honestly about to lose everything
  12. Does anyone else have a hard time tying to join severs after this latest update... Ever sense it always times me out from trying to join I'm on cross ark 8 for Xbox 1 and it's so much because I'm about to lose everything do to auto decay
  13. Bobtheangry

    pvp Who's down for a challenge

    Lol, for real I need help
  14. Soo who's down for a challenge on cross ark 8
  15. Bobtheangry


    I was so sad to hear from many utubers that ark is dying. I get it you're either an op trip that gets a bunch of babies or you're like the rest of everyone on ark on pvps servers that build for hours on in then you get blown to hell. Lol, please but bots into this it's very amazing still to have a free roaming bot that can build anywhere not just one place and talk to you or just attack you giving a better feeling that you can defeat these guys so much easier then an elit or alpha tribe what about playing on your own at least it's a funner way to do things