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  1. Hello, we have questions about the game, after each update of the game, its weight increases significantly, for example, after the last update it began to weigh 14 GB more. When I downloaded it, it was no more than 70GB, and now 148GB (I've been playing for 6 months). My computer doesn't like this anymore, and my friends are forced to abandon the game due to its size. And the mistakes were as they were, for example, for example, animals disappeared again and this is very disappointing
  2. answer to administrator questions Thanks for helping me solve problems. Thank you for the animals you will give me So you asked me to give you my coordinates and what is the name of the tribe FULL Server Number : NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok738 (v312.52) FULL Tribe Name: tribe of hugo.-292596 108144 -13927 86.25 -11.97 Comment: my tribe is located on the seashore. in the bay I am asking to be released from Hugo or given the functions of a tribe administrator. Because this person Hugo appeared with me on the first day of the game (day 348), I do not know him, invite
  3. where to send replies Hi where to send the replies that I receive in the mail, do a return reply by mail or go to the official website and write again. I received a letter and answered the mail back, is that correct?
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