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  1. The question is why not 1 ded of generators? PVE players lol
  2. If i do 1 Dedicated of generator on small tribes will my tribe be banned? how can i prove that i crafted all the generators? i need to do a video crafting all them to not get devwiped?
  3. so if i buy the best computer at the moment i cant run this game at 60fps in that situation?
  4. This is probably a freeze, i have a rtx 3060 and the problem is "The program isnt working?"
  5. The game was running normally this is just ark, any freeze is equal not responding
  6. Someone can explain what is happening here? I am on small tribes, yes i know that a lot of dino is heavy but cmon we dont are on 2005, and the game inst using all my computer capacity... 16gb ram 2400mhz. I really want to know what is this game, this is a fault of devs or what?
  7. Tier 3 loot crates are expensive and give nothing. I have made hexagons for several nights to collect 1 million hexagons and when i spent i regretted it. I've heard some ppl saying that the loot crate tir 3 can give incredible items like the best flak bp. You don't even have to buff the chance to see these bps, just increase the drop of median things like mastercraft bps instead of ascendent. Posibility to get better things than owl poop and prime meat. What i mean is that there are people who don't know the potential of these boxes and start to think that ascending bps are a lie. we ne
  8. I am trying to spawn a dino in Host/Solo from the stats of Small Tribes.
  9. Carachter Position bug Anyone know why this happen? I cant acess any vault, i need to relog to fix this
  10. Spawn a custom dino Can i spawn a custom dino from small tribes? i get her stats in smart breed but i dont know how to spawn... i tried the "SpawnSetupDino" command, but this command distort the dino stats even i changing the tamed stats multiplier to 0. Can i spawn a dino by the Ark-id?
  11. Character Lost: How do I avoid? I see so many people losting characters, i there a way to avoid this?
  12. Depht of Field in Video Config I know who have DOF in spectator mode but will be good to see this as a normal config. For example to record cinematics at online mode or base tours. Like this:
  13. ARK FPS/Hardware Issues OBS: I am inside my base ( a lot of dinos and structures) My gpu doesn't use all its capacity GTX 1660 S i5 9400f (2x8) 16gb RAM 2400mhz -> 2600mhz Official servers Image 1: 2400mhz INI+Launch options+ Low Settings Image 2: 2600mhz INI+Launch options+ Low Settings Image 3: 2600mhz High Custom Settings
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