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  1. Looking for a family Im looking for a tribe to call home and family i can play 10+ hours/ day. I have 1k Hours on xbox and 100 hours on PC if you wish to chat My discord is Reape#1613
  2. LFT Hello my name is Corey and I have have been looking for a new tribe to join on official. Im 24 years old and have been playing since I was 23 with nearly 650 hours in that time frame on xbox where i used to play. I have been in tribes ranging all the way from beach bob status to mega status. I am able to do anything asked of me but prefer to have a breeder role in a tribe, im also decent at pvp. I have played on every map. I hope to hear from and speak with an admin, thank you for your consideration. My discord: Reape#1613
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