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  1. Standing perch for shoulder-mounted pets Shoulder dinos already decorate our survivors, so why not let them decorate our houses too? I propose a craftable object placeable on the floor that acts as a perch for shoulder-mounted animals. It could either be roughly person-height or shorter so that it can fit on a desk or table. There could also be a metal version for a sleeker, more modern look. Some animals might have to be excluded from being mountable. Hesperornis, for instance, isn't really a perching bird and already looks awkward belly-flopping over your shoulder. Attached
  2. Flowerpots Suggestion: a decorative object that you can display various kinds of flowers in. Which flowers? Flowers grown from berry seeds, as well as rare flowers/mushrooms and possibly crops and plant species X/Y/Z. How would it work? Pots could probably be crafted with a few pieces of stone or cementing paste and some fertilizer, and can be picked up without demolishing them. Pots would have one inventory space, and seeds or plants placed in this space would immediately become flowers. There would be no growth period and they would not need water/fertilizer upkeep. Flower
  3. Make tribute items placeable on trophy mounts Here's the description of the boss tribute items like sauropod vertebrae and alpha raptor claw: "This trophy proves your worth as a hunter." So imagine my surprise when I realized that these "trophies" couldn't be placed on a trophy mount. I mean, that's what it's for, right? Apparently the trophy mount can only be used to hang boss trophies. But here's the thing: the Trophy Wall-Mount engram is unlocked at level 22, but you can't even get into a boss arena until level 35. Alpha rex also gives a trophy, but let's be real, what level 22 playe
  4. You might have hit the "Toggle Tooltips" button at the top of your inventory by mistake. Try pressing it again and see if it helps. See the attached image here.
  5. Painting Overhaul 1. Remap Controls Current controls are crazy weird confusing. Here's what I propose... LMB: Draw Shift+LMB: Large draw RMB: Erase Shift + RMB: Large erase Mousewheel: Zoom MMB: Rotate Shift + MMB: Move All drawing is done with LMB. All erasing is done with RMB. All camera controls are on MMB (plus wheel). Shift is the only modifier; you don't need to touch Ctrl, ever. 2. Improve Painting and the Preview A few new tools and a few changes to the preview to make painting easier. Add a mirror tool. For obvious r
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