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  1. Don't worry none of us actually expected it to be out on time anyway!
  2. What happened to TLC 3 being "Confirmed" for Oct 20?
  3. Well as of today after the newest patch without changing anything they work again.
  4. Nope, just seems to be an issue since the patc.
  5. Ever since patch 314.3 me and my tribes group whistles no longer function. Individual whistles such as follow me and stop do. NO our animals are not ignoring group whistles. Yes we have eaten yummy OG poly to test if sweet release fixes the issue and it does not.
  6. Skiff Stuttering Ever since the "fix" was implemented to fix the TEK suit stuttering on CI I've noticed the Hover Skiff stutters like mad while flying in a straight line. People are also having trouble actually walking up the ramp and it appears to rubber band them.
  7. Food Poisoning Bug Since the latest patch every time I eat Focal Chili the game is giving me 2 debuffs (Poisoned & Stamina Drain). Is anybody else experiencing this on their servers (Unofficial) and if so know of a fix?
  8. New "Rates" Not In Effect The recent patch notes said there was going to be a permanent modifier added to the Taming/Harvesting rates & that this would affect Unofficial Servers as well. From what I can see this is NOT the case? Can anybody else with an Unofficial Server let me know if the update changed your rates at all?
  9. TEK Helmet The TEK Helmet does not get the gas mask buff as indicated in the update. Just tested it in the swamp cave and you still take damage.
  10. Flyers Walking Away When we land flyers such as Argys or Tapejara after dismounting they will just randomly walk forward.
  11. Sarcos Randomly Dying When we ride tamed Sarcos and move them from the water onto shore they will just randomly die.
  12. Then why if you enable the TEK Giga can it be cloned and transferred? Is the TEK Trike really that OP?
  13. Unable To Clone TEK Trike As the topic states the TEK Trike is currently unclonable.
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