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  1. I mean it would be nice If you could allocate an employee to at least let players know that there are server issues and they are actively being worked on. Perhaps a link on the website that takes you to a page showing current server statuses or something. Yeah I can report all day about server outages and all of that, Excellent, But a little communication or something would be nice. Ark official server network status: Healthy (v312.80) hundreds of servers are down. Now I'm not a doctor, But that doesn't sound very healthy to me! Just a thought! Enjoy the game, nevertheless.
  2. 255 ping for over an hour unsure on where to post so please forgive. just trying to get someones attention, valguero 558 has been 255 ping for over an hour, eggs hatching, cant imprint or claim, cant pick up eggs, cant do anything. can eat and drink however. unsure if its some player breaking rules or if there is a server issue but its been like this for a while now and people are worried about their dinos and eggs. if someone is able to look into this, it would be great
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