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  1. To my knowledge this is a charity event...raising money for the children’s miracle network...super awesome stuff!!! Not necessarily about the multiplier..that’s just a add on.
  2. Lmao!!! I wish it was like that. They just come to the map we’re on to raid and piledge. I did find their argy they left at green ob and took out my frustration on it lol
  3. Need advice on harassing players... First I know pvp is pvp but I am looking for some advice on how to best handle a couple of players on Xbox platform. I play with a young crowd, a crowd that doesn’t need to hear obscenities. A couple of guys are continuing to invite to parties and vomit vulgar crap. I have asked them nicely to cut it out. No results, they seem to have taken it as a challenge. Now they are out for our base and anything to do with our base. Any suggestions on how to get them to stop or leave us alone??
  4. Thank you for asking this, I was kind of thinking the same thing.
  5. I can not pinpoint when crystal isles will hit Xbox. Does anyone have a definitive answer?
  6. Gachas Is anyone else hooked on taming gachas? I picked up my first yesterday and 6 more today. Also, any suggestions on taming snow owls? Currently on Xbox in a pvp official server.
  7. Trades How do trades work?
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