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  1. Its not that, it happened even when the hatchery was on the lowest floor. Its not that either. All of my tribemates are friends of mine and their eggs disappeared as well.
  2. No but it is on the upper floor of a building.
  3. probably, but it has never happened before. Im playing on valguero
  4. not sure, cuz i wasnt the one who did the electricity stuff, but probably the wind turbines
  5. Hatching gigas Dear ark community! For the past week I am experiencing an irritating problem with gigas eggs. Whenever I try to hatch one, it disappears after some time. Can't exactly tell how much time does it have to pass, since I usually leave these eggs for a night. At the morning (about 10 hrs after I leave the egg) the egg IS GONE. There is no sign of it. I want to emphasize on that I have 20 air conditioners in my hatchery which is newly-built of course. Just to mention: I have literally burnt down to the ground my last hatchery since my 1st giga egg disappeared, I though that there's
  6. Bugged Manticore Dear Survivors, What is your statement in this cursed game about Manticore boss fight? I just happened to die on the boss arena in Valguero after 20 minutes of sad fight where manticore wouldn't even land 1 time, even though I have tried all of the known techniques. I want to emphasize, that manticore didn't land NOT A SINGLE TIME whilst it wasn't even bugged anyway. It just refused to go down. I have seen many complaints about that issue. Is Wildcard going to do anything with that? Some time ago they managed to fix the Dragon, which works fine since then but I haven't
  7. Well, I dont feel like going there again, really. That inconvenient experience made me feel sceptical about ARK for now.
  8. So basically, to sum up, whatever happens, even though it's a clear injustice, noone gives a show about it? What do people pay for, anyway?
  9. Real thing, no killed bosses needed
  10. Dying due to bugs Recently I have died in an artifact cave on valguero due to a bug when I tried to use hook in order to pass through trench but game decided to kill me instantly with no reason. I have lost the ascendant stuff, op tames etc. People on server told me: 'that's the way she goes, there's nothing you can do'. Is there really not a single ray of hope in getting back my items, when it wasn't my fault at all in particular? I want to add that I've done this several times and it worked smoothly before.
  11. so there's actually nothing u can do? it's all lost forever?
  12. Deodon consumes way more than snow owl cause it's better. I mean not only stronger heal, but also has wider radius of healing wave which makes it better for larger groups of dinos + it doesn't freeze dinos in place.
  13. Agree with u 100% happens every time I try to tame something. Lastly I tried to tame giga and thyla. Both of them were scared to death and were running away into the water, lol. It took me almost an hour to lure it out of water. It happened almost instantly when I shot the 1st dart
  14. the only thing left is to pray for bugfix, big F for you bro
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