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  1. GEN PART 2 BOSS FIGHT!!!! Tribe mate did boss fight on gamma and then got the implant but not the exo mek and then we just did the beta fight tribe mate didn’t teleport and it now days he has 0 missions done, there’s was 2 people in fight and only one mek spawned so it failed us
  2. Me and my tribe did the boss fight on genesis part 2 as a 3 man tribe me and my tribe all got the implant change and also the bonus max level however only 2 of us got the eco-mek engram. The tribemate can’t make one or ride one it also isn’t showing up in his tekgram list dispute the fact that when he hovers over his implant it shows ‘ Gen2 Rockwell Gamma’ he’s quite confused and also annoyed because he did all the fight with no issues but didn’t get the full rewards
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