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  1. Everytime I load to the main menu it throws a error code CE-34878-0 it only does this if I connect to the internet please help I want that multiplayer back
  2. The only way I can play ark on my ps4 pro is to disconnect from the internet and play singleplayer if I dont it gives a CE-34878-0 error code at the start screen
  3. No I'm not currently installed on an external HD I've tried both and the problem persists still receiving the error code CE-34878-0
  4. Everytime I try to start ark I get to the start screen and then it closes with a blue screen error of CE-34878-0 I've tried deleting the game reinstalling restoring licences rebuilding the database and every other thing that people have thrown my way please help me I cant play my favorite game it's been days now and I'm feeling the itch
  5. Looking to join I'm 29 lvl 48 on official max lvl on non dedicated time zone mountain gmt. I love pvp but I also enjoy farming/harvesting I'm an organized individual and have had 15 years of guild or tribe experience
  6. Looking to join Have experience just not on every map need time to grow tired of getting wiped please help ive maxed out solo accounts but cant find a good official
  7. I'm also looking to join fairly new have all content max level on my non dedicated trying to move to official but keep getting wiped hoping to help build a better world for us all to play in ok h and I do love pvp I just dont see the point in wiping early game bobs
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