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  1. Increase the "painting" cap Dear Wildcard, in the recent patch (v312.47) You have capped the maximum flexible pipe in an area to 300. The game has a similar cap for painting canvasses, signs, billboards, flags ect. which has a limit of 150 in an area. Can you please increase this limit to 300 (or more ?) or maybe get a cap for every of them so that they dont get counted into the same cap. Ty ?
  2. Yeah they used the freepaint method to make templates
  3. Selling paintings? Ok So I'm currently playing on an official "new" valguero PVE eu server and was wondering that if is there any way to sell paintings. Selling like going to a base place down canvasses there and ofc paint them. The only thing is that I cannot interact or do anything in other player bases, meaning I cannot paint. The question is that, is there any way of possibility to have an ability to build or just paint in other player's bases, ofc with their permission and understanding.
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