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  1. I've seen that too but haven't tried it yet, apparently this problem has been around for a very long time.
  2. I've never gotten dossiers from taming/killing creatures - it all came from boxes found on the map. The only exceptions to that method that I'm aware of are the bosses, or at least they're supposed to be - have killed a bunch of them and never gotten the dossiers for TheIsland bosses yet. That lack of unlocking boss dossiers is the entire reason why I'm in this thread, actually I've got the rest already for that map.
  3. Gotchya - missed that detail Thanks! Odd that it requires standing next to a box for a note, but not a dossier... But whatever - lol
  4. Decided to do something for the public interest - IE to make an index and share it. Interesting thing... I'm only getting dossiers when I run the 'giveexplorernote XYZ' command. I've gotten dossiers from Island through Excinction (I don't own genesis), but I have yet to see a single actual 'Note' note after having run the cheat command from 1 through 700. Any thoughts on why that is?
  5. Is there a place that has the complete index list of notes? I've been working on TheIsland and have gathered all the non-tek-cave explorer notes, only have a couple tamings left, and in general am about ready to ascend with a full completion of this ark, but the bosses I've downed so far have not given ANY dossiers despite how they should apparently be doing so. I'm reluctant to just start guessing or making my own index by giving notes, because that would ruin the lore hunt we've been working on. For clarity, I'm on an unofficial server cluster. I have admin access when I need it but
  6. non-PVE dino decay settings I'm running a cluster of maps and previously we had used PvE settings, but that messes up some efforts at automation based on how baby dinos are treated; so we switched back to PvP style world. In PvE, there were some very clear settings to disable dinodecay (the game might run weeks at a time without a player sometimes) and I'd like to make sure that in case that kind of thing happens now we won't suddenly be missing critters or buildings. What are the proper options to set in PvP mode so that this doesn't happen?
  7. When I restarted my cluster just now to get a mod update, it got picked up right away by the travel function - suggesting that if my servers are up and stable for good amounts of time travel will just be impossible after a while unless I bounce things. There's GOT to be a way to keep the server listing 'fresh' so that it's findable.
  8. Cluster sessions visible intermittently It took me a couple days but I was able to get the cluster setup working and we've been using the terminals to bounce around as needed between two maps; It's been great, but there have been some problems. What I had initially been scouring my own configuration and setup for seems to be more on the Steam side of things - namely that there are tens of thousands of servers, and rather than use any sort of intelligent filtering when you click 'travel to another server' it just tries to download and scrape the entirety of the ark server lists and show
  9. KISS rule for the win! Well.. 'simple'-ish compared to my other ideas anyway. Had to delete the default route for my system. This, however, meant that my ARK server no longer had a route to make a connection to the VPN server, so I added a host-gateway for the VPN server's IP to use my home internet gateway, and then once my VPN was connected I added a new default gw route of the IP for my VPN server's 'internal' IP. Net result: all my local LAN traffic on 192.168.1 (both to and from) the ARK server can function as it always has, but ARK/steamCMD's network calls by default all get shunted t
  10. I *could* try to tweak my server's default routes to use my 10.89.0.X VPN connection rather than the linux box's 192.168.1.X interface.. it would still be accessible by LAN clients, but at that point the server check-in process should go out through the tun0 interface and register the correct IP. I'll have to try it tonight when nobody is playing. Much easier solution, fingers crossed.
  11. Crap. I do have NAT and ports setup for full access already (shown above), but because of the complications in my ISP's handling of their IP space It's just not going to work the 'easy' way and I'm going to likely have to over-engineer a stupidly complex solution since I can't just fill out a form for Steam's server list that says 'hey, I have a server running at A.B.C.D:xyz. bummer.
  12. Yes - these were noted in my original post. My network setup is... complicated. Short answer: Yes, I did forward those ports to the ark server so people can come in from the outside world, my friends are able to connect to the individual instances of the ARK servers from the outside world just like I am able to do it from my local network. Long answer: It appears to be more an issue that the 'travel to another server' cluster function requires successful registration to the Steam master list of unofficial servers. The problem is that my internet connection is via a cellular broad
  13. You gave an answer, but not an explanation. The answer suggests that my server needs to be able to register with Steam/ARK's server list and be browseable in the 'unofficial' lists in order for transfers to work even though both instances are on the same physical machine, are connected to directly via local LAN connections, and bypasses their status as 'favorites' where they are listed by said local IP's (IE that the server is initiating the connection and not the client). This also suggests that you would be absolutely unable to play a clustered setup if you have no internet connection
  14. New cluster setup - transfers work, but not travel I've run a dedicated server under linux for a while now (literally years). It was running on a wimpy little i5-3200 processor and 8gb 12gb memory. I recently upgraded hardware and got the server up again (i5-6600k, 32gb memory) and with the extra horsepower I was going to run a clustered setup. Everything seems to work fine - I can see both individual server instances in my lan/favorites filter, I can connect to each one individually just fine, and items/dinos dropped into monolith data/creature tabs appear on the counterpart
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