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  1. 20 hours ago, ArkTheoryApprentice said:

    PvP- Toxic in any game. Seriously, if it's a competitive game, it's gonna have a toxic side.

    Fun- Fun is up to interpertation.

    Managarmrs- Overpowered, and in my opinion shouldn't be able to get transferred to other maps. I feel like creatures/variants should be contained to their maps, with some exceptions such as Aberrant creatures to Val and Deins to Rag and The Island.

    Meshing- Fault of toxic PvPers.

    Aimot- Fault of toxic PvPers.

    So it seems that 4 of your 5 points are the fault of the actual playerbase, and not WC.

    PvP is toxic cuz the  comunity is poop and eventualy when u spen d a lot of time in it u become the same true that

    Managarms shouldn't even exist along with crystal wyverns too easy to tame and mostly no way to counter if you don't have super late game gear ,witch only gives you a chance and kinda defeats the purpose  of skill based pvp.

    Meshing is incometance in development , no other survival game has this problem to such an extent .And Belive me I have played all of them 

    Aimbot - every game dev that ignores this problem will have a completely dead game if the FPS aspect is the main part of that game ,ark still hasn't died cuz so many other thing to do rather than shooting people of their tames 3 miles away .Very hard to fix but still a massive problem , can be fixed (reduced) if the guns are programmed with bullet drop like the tranq darts .

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