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  • Open Tribe  ·  589 members  ·  Last active

    S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.

  • Open Tribe  ·  426 members  ·  Last active

    tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!

  • Open Tribe  ·  164 members  ·  Last active

    We are a tribe that wants to be big in the official world which is gonna take a lot of players so whos willing to join right now we want everyone to have the best time in this tribe. we want players from all over! so message me on discord Seawolph#7100 if needed more info about the tribe or message IamJordxn#3349, we are a stabled tribe and working our way to the top. once you are set to be a member on this website ill message you what server to join (gotta have all downloadable contents)

  • Open Tribe  ·  10 members

    Just started 2 weeks ago on PC after switching from xbox i have 3.4k hours and im level 102 I'm constantly getting wiped looking for 4 ppl on Smalls add me on Disc to play #ShadowWhippy#2194

  • Open Tribe  ·  3 members

    Just a bunch of fun loving dudes looking to rule the ARK. We're looking to increase our ranks. Ideally you are a dedicated player that's active, have a decent mic, play at least 5+ hours a day, have at least 500+ hours, are able to follow rules, and be 15+. We play on the Island on an official server. To apply, message me with the following info: your IGN/Nickname, Discord w/ #, your Steam ID, your Country/Timezone, your age, how many daily hours you can play, total hours you have, prefered role (Farming, breeding, PvP, etc), and how you will contribute to our tribe. You can contact me at Teisen#2393. I hope to hear back from you!

  • Public Tribe

    Good Morning / Afternoon, currently looking to join a tribe on either official or small tribes. I have beta Val Tek Engrams on Smalls tribe with a level 98 Character and level 81 character on offical. Very happy to farm and tame. Have all maps and can play a fair bit of the week. DIscord Axis#8287 Thanks , Axis :)
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