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  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiice!!! I got so much scorched when i started, by getting 1 to 5 wood per TREE at the desert... This makes so much sense (At least at Scorched Earth! heheh!) !!! Thanks Devs and all the team!!! Thanks for ARK! The best game we've all ever played!!!
  2. Really enjoying the community of the test server - Primitive+ Beta Server 2 PVE - it is a fantastic server! Look for me: FonkySaurus!

  3. It was just about time that the south deserted rocky peninsula got itself those ruins!!! It was so clear that some ruins oughta go there!!! Look at it... plenty rocks... a little pond piranha infested... deserted of trees and bushes....... In fact, it is already a RUIN peninsula itself.... put the ruins somewhere else... !!!
  4. topwL

    The Titanic

    Titanosaurus!!! Really !!! The beast !!! InFONKYNGsain!!! I expected it to be, really, 4 or 5 times bigger !!! Like only 6 of them could fit in the map ! Like, eclipsing the moon at night & stuff ... but ... what we get is what we get !!! It would be, though, a really great feature! To see Titanosaurus turn a GOD every 15 nights or something !!! (similar to the god in the Princess Mononoke film (The night-walking GOD, that is...)) That would be REALLY INSANE!!! awsomness on its best!!! Anyway! Titanosaurus 4 life!!!
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