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    Official PVE Stuff

    Just life on official PVE servers, keep on surviving.
  2. Another day. Another mess up by GMs in game. Feels bad for fellow ark official servers players, hearts go out to allies spart, hellz, sins, fette, carty, kikil, spooz, spikue, and many more across multiple tribes on many servers who lost 100s-1000s of hours to worth of tames and grinding resources and loot all gone.giphy.gif

  3. I feel like they havent tested the game on console... Or at all in fact.
  4. You had a Rollrat on gen 2? How? There are no bees spawning on Official servers yet.
  5. Oh the servers popped up for few seconds... And went away again...
  6. We got rex lines in the process and reapers so we're hoping as well they rollback to when ot started. Luckily we loaded up a few maewings with full inventory so we were pretty safe but not everyone will be in the same boat.
  7. Few of my tribemembers I warned not to update and just stay online till it gets resolved.
  8. They just put up a test server... Not sure devs even know what happened.
  9. New 5.1gb update has updated the game PAST the servers so no one can play official servers anymore. Thanks for the PM about this issue. Servers are coming back up. Everyone can update and play again.
  10. "Play without all this lag?" Dont understand what your asking. Ark official without lag? Ive never heard heard of official without lag...
  11. Heck extinction is still.pretty good for tek life... Well except for all the crashing....
  12. Unfortunately they wont help you... You will need to bring guns till kill him most of the time, when the devs made the boss fight for the official variant for ark, they used default coding on manticor for that arena which makes him try to go a specific height which isn't in that arena area, he only lands if the right script activate the landing sequence... I have lost almost 162 creatures doing that fight because of poorly designed game mechanics the devs use and never edit properly because they just use copy paste half the time... Look at the devs kit for most of the creature data... Enough said.
  13. Thanks ********** for clearing up another mess.


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