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  1. Manticor on Scorched Earth does this quite often... So... If they havent fixed Manticor just flying in one spot and not moving for the whole fight even on Scorched Earth... Since it launched... Im sorry to say that they will not fix this... As for your dinos, you can try to send a support ticket, but wildcard gms arent very helpfull, you can expect to get some random poop tame style dinos as replacements of the creatures you lost and all the gear you brought in is pretty much gone, including saddles.
  2. Ray? Not sure how any of that adds up to something... Not sure of linux/mac users, good luck with that... On official servers I solo boss's. (All Island boss's even Tek boss, Scorched boss ez pz, Aberration pretty ez, Extinction all 3 titans ez, king titan is only thing i have people bit pretty ez with every one showing up just to get it completed so no problems there...)
  3. If they could build in the caves on PVE... They must have discovered a new glitch to even build in those old Island map caves... They have been build blocked for years XD.
  4. All false.... They said they were going to add bug breeding like 2 years ago XD. And about the beta testing... This is there testing team at work.
  5. This isnt a bug. Also the servers are very lively... XD
  6. Unfortunately no... Since there are multiple ways of duplication of items or dinos, most of which simple involve just uploading a single item via body or to the inventory... They had to block all of transferring of items. Currently only blank inventory transfers are available... Im not sure if Saddle-less dinos can still be uploaded... They turn it on and off so many time i lost track. So only way to really do much is to upload creatures like Direwolf, Wyvern, and other saddle-less rideable creatures to get anything done. Its unfortunate that the whole "Few bad apples" scenario screwed over every one.
  7. If the video was saved and uploaded to your accounts dvr for xbox live, you can find it here https://gamerdvr.com/ , just type in your gt and it will show all screenshots and dvred videos in your xbox live storage (not console storage) shortly after its been uploaded. Theres a time between when it was uploaded till it appears there.
  8. Well, it ain't called Crashnarok for no reason... Ah ah. Puny.
  9. Thanks ********** for clearing up another mess.


  10. Valguero Hill Top Castle 39 90 So why is 3/4ths of the castle unusable? All the other castles fully buildable within them, and even the Ragnarok Viking Bay castle is full useable and even bigger for building. Could the build block inside of the castle be removed?
  11. This has been around since beta when transfering was first added... All you can do is clear your save unfortunately... Of the devs havent fixed this since then, give up on ever seeing the nonbroken ob invetory.
  12. Its an equipment item, which technically counts as an offhand item (like a shield) which disables certain features or abilitys (like how you cant super sprint with tek pants if you have a weapon out) for other items, it is currectly bugged and not supposed to do this and they will likely fix it. ( if enough pansy pvp players complain about it they usually fix it faster...)
  13. I find it trolly yet needed to be bluntly about this stuff and share how shafted us official players really are when the game screws us over and we are left with out help... @JokersHarley
  14. Check list... 1. Is it set to ignored whistle? 2. Whistling aggressive does not put dinos on aggressive(which is dumb), but instead puts them on Attacking YOUR target mode. 3. Are you using vultures? Because they have been broken since beta... And cant attack stuff you whistle... 4. Are you part of a tribe with group ranking and your rank is to low to give dino commands? 5. Was the dino close enough to you to hear the whistle command given? Any of those? Brainstorming...
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