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  1. Extinction purple OSD's have Theri blueprints. Ive personally obtained multiple 124 their bps from them. Go to extinction.
  2. Update, the Binoculars are in genesis part 2, our tribe got some through the red loot crates in HNLA store.
  3. If you are on single player... Then yes, items and such will auto delete upon closing the "session" game when transferring to another "session" map.
  4. The titans and king titan are used and boss fight items ID like the Island heads and same as most items for summoning the boss's... Honestly at this point in ark time they should just make them transferable already... It would help with server lag not making people stay on maps they dont like to just do a boss fight.(sorry tangent)
  5. If he was in the Pack cave on floating Island and walked near or under the dragon statue then his mount and himself was killed by Antimesh. There are a few caves like this as well across all the maps because the Antimesh was more than likely slapped around instead of being properly placed. Its poorly designed anitmesh by the devs, you can submit a ticket if this on official, it not official then more than likely its not recoverable.
  6. So this item was rare to get from Genesis Part 1's loot crates for some and some got them pretty often on official servers, some even got a Blueprint for it, the only problem is they only worked on Genesis part 1 and would get deleted if taken off to other maps. First question. Did the devs fix this so it can be used on other maps yet? Second question. Has any one found one of these Binoculars on Genesis part 2 yet?
  7. Island [Overseer] Aberration [Rockwell] Genesis Part 1 [Master Controller] Genesis Part 2 [Rockwell Prime]. Each of these boss's give Ascension's for player overall total level cap from 105. Gamma +5, Beta+10, Alpha +15. Also there is the chibi, level a selected chibi of your choosing from its base level 1 to 6, this will give you +5 levels as well. Finally there is the Find All Explorer Note for an additional +10 levels. After completing all above your character can reach level cap of 180.
  8. If anything maybe a structure cap like the New Egg Incubator has which is 3 in a big area...
  9. So... What you are saying is... To fix the Fast eating delphis... I punch it... I will try this later.
  10. Also the second door is bugged and even with more points than it needs it will stay closed and the delphis will instantly die but the mission still continues with you just hovering in space with the tek suit equipped. Almost beat it with 2 tek rifles after the phase sections and final boss.
  11. Some of the mods dont actually play the game on console so the issues we deal with arent the same as PC. If you are on a specific non official server or single player, its likely a setting toggled off in the custom settings or playing on prim+. I know there's some funny things that happen if you play some dlc maps woth prim+.
  12. This is xbox forum... Need a mod to move this to the correct forum. Btw its all gen2 servers for both console dealing with this 200+ ping and crashes. And the devs seem to be just ignoring the issue.
  13. Quick comment, its not just your server... Its all gen2 servers. Hop'd on roughly 15 different servers and all of them are having this, even the newer servers with barely 4-10 people still dealing with 200-255 constant ping and crashing. Haven't attempted to tame a voidwyrm just because of the lag issues for the past week.
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