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  1. "Ugh.. To much work to state how much work we got to get worked on, sounds like more work so were not going to add work on top of our work already." If the actual devs responded on the forums it would probably be this.
  2. Hey you might have more luck on the PlayStation sub forum for bugs and support then the Xbox sub forum... Just letting you know... Because Playstation players cannot read very well at all and always post and make threads in the superior Xbox platform forums.
  3. Sounds like you weren't prepared and not ready for what the challenge might be, and based on how the bags were gone, hehehe sounds like some one snatched up the loot, sadly this isnt a bug or issue that can be resolved or fixed. You got "beat down" by the pve on genesis, and looted for not being prepared.
  4. Not sure if this was translated, hard to understand your situation you are facing based on the text above.
  5. Not saying i wouldn't mind this being added to xbox, but too make it interesting it should only be on PvE servers and NOT PvP, PvP is all about tactics and shouldn't be on because it would ruin fights and or sneaky raids.
  6. Its always been a thing that xbox had no player list, only ps has this feature. On pc its a mod and on some unofficial servers a plugin. Playstation has always been weird.
  7. I Remember the devs saying months back they would put build blocks near pve spawns to fix this. Sounds like they never did not. More false hopes.
  8. brenon45


    Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned box building. People can hate, but if you fits everything you need with out being to big then go for it.
  9. Hmmm... I've never died randomly while offline in that situation you described... Ideas I'm thinking, if your in a tribe, a tribe member could force feed you organic polymer... You could have fell through the floor of your base and something happened then(don't know base layout so its any guess). Another thing is if a server rollback happened right after you logged out it would revert you to last location of the time difference, which could be outside of your base sometimes.
  10. Hmmm... My game just crashes when ever I do anything. So nothing new.
  11. I encountered this awhile ago, it is due to poor server connection quality, from what I could determine it has something to do similarly to if you temporarily crash just about the same time as a lag spike on the server, the game still thinks you are on the server still but will hiccup on detecting your ip and the error with battle eye security and stop you from connecting... i don't have a guaranteed fix or solution but just stay off the game for a bit and it should work after a few hours. Sadly it is wildcards fault for bad console optimizations and laggy servers which can cause these situations.
  12. So... Just because you log off... Doesn't mean the server just *Stops* till you get back on. If it's on Pve then wild dinos can still kill you, a player can drag you into water or even an environmental effect can, also you are on PvP then a player can outright kill you on the spot. Sounds like you are new to Ark, welcome to an unforgiving game.
  13. The event ended awhile ago. Without the event, event specific things stop working.
  14. Simple, you got Arked, its normal, game failing players is normal on ark, but if you do feel bad about losing a smol 21 c4 then you can submit a ticket to support.
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