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  1. I did, they are still blank, even recorded picking them up so friends could just check my dvr for there quick locations. I'll give wildcard a few weeks to get there own dlc and updates time to get fixed and patched.
  2. Tried single player XD. I play official so that was attempt 1, then went to single player and still nonunlocked so attempt 2, thought about deleting my save but that would reset my regular explorer notes and thats too much time... So it's just broken.
  3. Maybe its a meta kinda thing... Because ark is kinda buggy, so the game bugs out and doesn't just give you the helmet skin becuase its all meta for being buggy yooo.
  4. So I got the notes... Now how does one get the helmet? Ive looked all around the wiki and in the avatar store and no helmet is listed anywhere.
  5. 12.7 gb update hit today, so excited... Logged in, put metal foundation in hotbar... Can't build... Castle still bugged...
  6. So 3 minor updates later... Stll cant build in the castle... Our tribe has a rudimentary shack to do everything outside of the castle... Looks like garbage because we are waiting for the castle to get fixed... Nearly the end of august... Also im adding an "official response" i got about this issue to the main post.
  7. PSA Check coordinate 50 50 So Valguero is encountering a very old bug from alpha and early beta days of ark, when in peoples creatures are "poofing" and go missing randomly. ( i would expect after all these years the devs would have solved this old bug by now) Everytime this happens there is a 70% chance it "poofed" to 50 50 on the map, roughly 28-30 walls high above the water. If your on PVE its recommended to build a large "catching" platform structure on the water or a expanded flat raft to safely catch dinos from falling into the water and getting a sudden Red Text randomly saying your [insert creature and lvl here] was killed by jellys or sharks, when you are probably no where even close to that location. Inb4 yes ive lost about 37 creatures to jellys, 21 of which were babies. (luckily flyers still auto fly when the touch deep enough water, found a hand full of baby-juvi wyverns flapping at 50 50)
  8. No prob, i wish it was aswell, crafting it and then waiting the unsatable time can be annoiying but if it was crafted in the replicator it should skip the unstable timer.
  9. Theres an engram you can learn that turns 1000 dust into 1 element in you characters inventory.
  10. All this Element Ore? So what am i supposed to do with with all this Element Ore ive collected on Valguero? I play on official servers so we dont have the Valguero mod expansion so there currently arent any Charge Nodes on Valguero map to use these things... I have saved up 7 and a half stacks in a box and have no use for it, any suggestions?
  11. If you are playing the windows 10 version on ark then yes, windows games are linked to microsoft's Xbox for gaming, no Xbox gold, no windows play.
  12. You like got meshed, its like they cheated to get past the defense's. Its like a bummer.
  13. So update/patch hit today.... Still broken castle. I loaded up the map and edited it in game on my pc in a matter of 3 mins(2 mins was just loading the file and saving a new file)!? How can the devs not thrown that in with the patch?
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