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  1. *Its been over 3 years...* since I made these videos showing a problem with something on aberration, I even made a ticket over 3 years ago about this, I got a reply that it would be fixed. Over 3 years later it still hasnt been fixed... Why Wildcard?
  2. It's ark... So assume everything is broken. If you have gen 2 exo armor, just use it since you dont need hazmat anymore because gen 2 exo protects you from spores and rad.
  3. Unfortunately no. The devs didn't foresee people actually playing a map to rerun extinction boss... <- I assume this because alot of stuff they program for us to do doesn't actually work as intended.
  4. King Titan fight doesn't give levels. Character base 105 Chibi +5 All Explorer notes +10 Alpha island overseer +15 Alpha scorched earth manticor (no levels) Alpha aberration rockwell +15 Alpha extinction king titan (homodeus implant, no levels) Alpha genesis1 master controller +15 Alpha genesis2 rockwell prime +15 Max obtainable level is 180
  5. Its been broken since the start. People have reported it with messages and forum posts since its release. There are many bugs with older dlcs that the devs dont care about. Edit: Unless it effects PVP directly or big youtuber crys about it, it will be ignored forever.
  6. I did. Along time ago when these new players started popping up. Some of these new players here have built full size bases on these terminals now, the gms didnt do anything when we first reported it months back. I read the pms I got from alot of forum goers, and agree, I will only do this at far away terminals (if any remain open -_-). Can't trust the gms on the security of getting dev wiped because of a random new players greed and gms inaccuracies. Sorry 2 the 2 gms who I discussed this with but the other gms cannot be trusted.
  7. I would. But all the terminals in wasteland on my extin server are build blocked in for a few months. 1 of them is ironically boxed in by the said tribe threatening me. >_>
  8. Yes the forcefield can be infinitely picked up and reused anywhere. Yes we were discussing the far away idea too... It sucks that's that some random steam sale bob/ gamepass bob/ or playstore bob can join the game and make a ticket to anyone they dont understand and ruin their years of work because they dont know how to play the game. We might just go with the far away one out in the waste... Smh.
  9. So my tribe has had a base in the extinction city with a terminal in our yard that is completely open with nothing around it. But when we convert our element to dust, we will place a forcefield next it and break down usually 1-3k element into dust, as soon as its done we pick up the forcefield which means for roughly an odd hour or 2 it technically closed in, but never permanent. I have got confirmation from -GMFury- who has come to see it personally that has said it was fine by the rules on how we use it over a year agoa and by another GM around 4 months ago. But with the flurry o
  10. You can keep zomdodos... But only in cryo, during the event you can unpod them, but after the event they get raptored and cannot be unpodded till next event... Unfortunately I believe this is the last Halloween event so its going to be a lost item after this event, just a collecter item to say you have some.
  11. Another day. Another mess up by GMs in game. Feels bad for fellow ark official servers players, hearts go out to allies spart, hellz, sins, fette, carty, kikil, spooz, spikue, and many more across multiple tribes on many servers who lost 100s-1000s of hours to worth of tames and grinding resources and loot all gone.giphy.gif

  12. Asking the devs to fix something is a fools errand... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/brenon45/video/143668525 ^still not fixed^
  13. Welp they wouldnt... They crafted the stuff there for structures but when it comes to needing element upon transferring to another server is still only the dust method... Or fighting a boss. Sadly those where our only options back then XD
  14. On ONLY Gen 2 and Exton have Terminals that can convert shards and hard element into Dust at a conversion amount of 1/5th the total. 1 hard element = 200 dust 1 element shard = 2 dust
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