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  1. "Play without all this lag?" Dont understand what your asking. Ark official without lag? Ive never heard heard of official without lag...
  2. Need more details... Thinking... Did you click transfer and while it was transferring on ark loading screen it crashed? idea for this, your character with your stuff is still on that previous/next server and you accidently duped your character which is now on the previous/next server. Try logging out and go to the previous/next (opposite of the server you just logged into) and just log in, dont transfer back, just log out and back it to it.
  3. Sounds just like the crash zone on south side center of Scorched Earth near the north set of jagged teeth rocks between red and green arks that still hasn't been fixed since early beta...
  4. That's true to how there programmed... But since you didn't read the middle section about how it doesn't work as intended... I will give another example... Thylo's (Mammal medium sized Cat) have a well known bug of pouncing riders of wyverns when they are programmed to pounce small to medium class creatures, NOT large class creatures... But they still can randomly pounce even rex, spino, and even got pounced of a giga riders(had a few of these happen to myself and tribemembers and alliance/friends all on official, I only play Official). Like I said before, official is known to act w
  5. Sorry. My mobile doesnt show links or embedded so I cant see the video. But going off the description on the main body provided in the thread it was presumed to not be official. Saying you play vanilla still isnt like official at all so its still mute to that point. And any one who plays official knows that being cloaked on a drake will not keep you safe from purlovias, online mechanics act differently than unofficial. It maybe not say so in code but alot of people can say this is certainly broken or just doesnt work as intended. Thats why you climb along the ceiling or
  6. Based on the items they had... With 2 people... Official is definitely not what they are playing... Not official... No internet point. Also be careful with Drakes in tek cavr on official, there's so many kill barriers they put in there that you might randomly die walking on the ceiling.
  7. Even pc has the same issues XD
  8. On official they seem to keep events working more or less, but Nitro/Dedi servers all seem to have issues with events.
  9. I know that sometimes when you teleport any creature, it has a known funny bug of appearing roughly a mile in the sky and will slingshot them a random direction as if they hit a speed boost pad suddenly and just WEEEEEeeeeeeeeee..... Into the distance.
  10. This has been an on going issue since early beta when they we're first added. Haven't been fixed since then... Don't see it being fixed anytime ever, just given up on them.
  11. Update issue most likely. Me and other game devs discussed what causes this with ark. *theory* Its because wildcard dev teams use preset versions for there projects, so example team 1 made new update on *a version*, then team ugh 3 Fox's something and sends update to with *b version update* which doeant have A's update so its like they are forgetting to compile all the update onto one version before release.
  12. Yes.. This was the new update... 90% of the player base wanted this. So they changed it. Thank god they did.
  13. Try a bronto tail swing... From under the cliff edge or from a foundations away from them. Make sure there are not structures blocking the collision detection between them and it should easily work. Any herbivore farming dino should work but I love my bronto
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