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  1. Man this is some old news, I remember this bug popping up back when extinction first came out.
  2. Tell some other tribe to start the fight and it will take you back with them. Did that a few times myself and its always funny technically getting a taxi home from the boss fight. It happens to me a lot Scorched during manticor fight.
  3. Well, sounds like you are going to have to breed like the rest of us normal players.
  4. I think the official servers should always have setting from in files always have a standard, changing the imo to remove certain qualitys of sliders, shades, bloom, and textures being alternated to have even a slight advantage is all bad. When players connect to official servers it should force a set in file onto the player forcing them to play with the same settings as everyone else.
  5. That's normal, what you have been encountering is just how the breeding system works, more or less the ones that are coming out under per say is because the babies are getting the lesser stats. I'm sure there are selective breeding stats mods out there for your cluster.
  6. You can use a Poison Wyvern, at least back then you could, till they got nerfed hard.
  7. Like I said before, PvP servers are empty because megas are steam rolling all servers and eliminating anything right now. But they keep servers if they show activity and with the mega hopping servers and hunting, they all show positive activity so the devs leave them. And small tribes servers are always laggy since they are very active. I thought they had OC small tribes? I guess the removed them for some reason.
  8. More or less yes, if the new baby from a previous mut is born with out new mut other than the parents mut then I recommend ethier killing it or just raise and sell it. Only keep the newest muts and keep breeding, it's gets boring sometimes but if you want to make you're own bad@$$ stats then it takes time.
  9. It is, but the playstation players arent very bright. Been seeing alot of playstation players encountering blue screens after the recent updates.
  10. Nani? Hide Sleeping bag. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Hide_Sleeping_Bag Simple bed. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Simple_Bed Bunk bed. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Bunk_Bed Tek sleeping pod. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_Sleeping_Pod_(Aberration)
  11. The regular servers arent dead... How do I say... We are hibernating... Waiting for the next big thing or something. In this case it's genesis. At least pve is like that. But PvP had a purge scenario recently, it wasnt talked about but some mega tribes steam rolled alot of servers.
  12. They did try by adding fence supports which is just stackable fences, they do help with raised walls but the whole previous point of walls not clipping into the ground for official still ruins the while point and makes dino gates more viable option.
  13. I dont hold my breathe for anything when it comes to ark, crashing-normal, console freezing-normal, disconnecting-normal, login_lock-just why o_0... servers_not_responding-normal, Host_not_found(official server)-normal, falling through the ground-normal... Yet i still... Gotta love Ark.
  14. As long as you have a non-mutated female for breeding, you can stack those mutations and just keep going. Just make sure they are not the non needed stats from mutations and you are golden.
  15. Just saying you guys might have more luck on the PlayStation sub forum for bugs and reports... Xbox doesn't encounter blue screens...
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