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  1. Real question is... How are you going to put an Indy forge on a raft/motorboat? Unless you are playing unofficial or Single player this is not possible
  2. In a way I agree to this. Anything unofficial in my eyes is easy mode and not equivalent to what its like to deal with real issues us Official server players feel. Official servers are where the game shines as its the main place where the player is tested at the Devs specifications for gameplay, so beating the games story and/or becoming alpha on official is what I think the gama is meant for us to accomplish. (<-opinion)
  3. Dont listen to him. If you are hungry and don't have anything else, munch down all those black berries.
  4. People were meshing before in legacy... You think this one thread Will get the devs to rollback thousands of servers for this specific event??? Edit... I meant half of the servers since its only PvP with this problem.
  5. Depends? Official, Unofficial, Nondedicated? PvP? PvE? Single player? Looking to have only land tames? Water tames? After more advance materials at start or just easy start? Island has lots of good starter spots but with some info you can find what you are looking for much easier.
  6. Pretty much all maps do have a bottomless pit. Edit: just mesh under and take a look for yourself in single player using ghost and fly. Edit2: almost all design pieces are preset pieces that just overlap each other as a design choice to save on game size. (a great example is Halo's Forge system, pretty much all pieces are premade structures and when making a map there are times when certain pieces have ledges or are jutting out when you can possible get to that are not intentional in the map design.)
  7. Not entirely true. I have a color breed line working with diens on my official abb server and a few on island for fun. Plus I got a few ice wyverns from Val on extinction, island and scorched. Only had issues with ice/chalky bois and polar bears, since there only programmed to certain make like island, ragnarok, and extinction (not sure on center haven't tried yet)
  8. Recommendation is dont look up well know areas, most of the time as said above you just gotta build in that inconvenient area and make do until you find a better spot, if on PvE don't be afraid to ask if there are unclaimed spots. Also if needed hop a few servers until you find a server with something more accommodating to long term living on official. Now if your on PvP... I wish you luck.
  9. XD Once some one plays long enough on official Pve they will understand why.
  10. Yes there is a setting to disable extending platforms.
  11. Oh my bad. Forgot it uses the older system...
  12. "Like Treyarch" Instant red flag. I feel like op doesn't understand how game mechanics work... I agree on the need to fix meshing, but there are so many holes in the map design currently on every map. But seriously you used Treyarch company as a standard on map design XD, look up google or youtube on map breaking for most Treyarch games besides COD.
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