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  1. Having same problem. Tried different search criteria. Can't even find my personal unofficial. Xbox platform.
  2. What's with the update tonight? I've got breeding going on because there was no announcement. Where the patch notes at? Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Zero pc unofficial servers are loading. I had my son invite me from his pc xbox version and i got the message in attaching. Holy cow wild card i pay for a server get your act together and quick breaking the game with your untested updates. Ok so well f off. Won't load picture Error message on xbox is as follows: Host BuildId Mismatch Client BuildId does not match host BuildId Just saying now that i think about it. I pay for a server and now that is what is affected by this "bug" wildcard needs to compensate all of us unofficial players because we are the ones that actuall
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the "Join Ark" screen on xbox? I cannot change the server type setting from "Player Dedicated" Won't even allow me to highlight the tab. The search bar is bugged also still. No text can be entered even though i can in game again. This is very frustrating because i recently rented a server for friends and family to play on and have had to go to lengths to find a work around just to get into the game. Is this an issue others are having or is something messed up with my game/ system/ internet/ whatever else could cause this
  5. I saw that xbox update at 5:03 am est. Immediately i went to Ark to see if i could finally access my server. To my dismay the drop down server select bar is still inaccessible. The text bars still produce no text. And game still freezes after being in the "join ark " screen. I have even reinstalled the entire explorers pack and am still having issues. Is this in fact a Wildcard problem? How can there still be issues if an update was implemented from MS?
  6. So all the settings seem to be disabled from my server select screen. I cannot access the session filter drop tab. Without being able to change this setting i can't access my personal server. This is a major issue. In fact whenever i try to search for any server name the game freezes. And now it seems if i back out of the join ark screen it disables all button input except the thumbstick. Something tells me there is s serious issue and if not then why not?
  7. Artifacts haven't been spawning on either the Island or Crystal isles on my non dedicated game. Haven't checked other maps yet. Anyone else having this issue? I really don't like admin coding so what can i do to retrieve these?
  8. Really wildcard??????? Disconnects running rampant. Mysteriously disappearing equipment. Drops that don't exist because they are inside the mesh. Seriously after 5 years y'all can't even make sure i can collect a drop? Something needs seriously looked at on your xbox version. Can't even play the game with my pve tribe because everyone gets kicked off.
  9. Event candy deleted from storage. Players getting disconnected every 20 minutes from non dedicated server game. Did Wildcard get anything right with this supposed update and game enchantment features???
  10. All of my event candy i had stored up from Easter, summer bash, and Halloween all dissappear out of my vaults after the update. DILO Wildcard i worked hard to get that stuff. Compensation? Again DILO Wildcard.
  11. How about pulling all Fear Evolved events until all players can actually enjoy it. Why does wildcard always screw up the Xbox update. Pfft
  12. Non dedicated crashing Still experiencing crashing issues. Game crashes on invite or join on non dedicated xbox game. Still crashing about every ten minutes give or take also. Game worked fine for about 2 days after repatch. Anyone else with lingering issues?
  13. Ya so this is days after the patch to fix the patch and the game has started crashing again every ten minutes. Is this really still a thing on console?
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