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  1. I haven't been able to bring up my unofficial pc server rented from Nitrado, since i updated for Summer Bash 5 hours ago. Actually it isn't showing any unofficial servers. But i can call up dedicated, non dedicated and official servers. Legacies aren't coming up either.
  2. Having same problem. Tried different search criteria. Can't even find my personal unofficial. Xbox platform.
  3. I saw that xbox update at 5:03 am est. Immediately i went to Ark to see if i could finally access my server. To my dismay the drop down server select bar is still inaccessible. The text bars still produce no text. And game still freezes after being in the "join ark " screen. I have even reinstalled the entire explorers pack and am still having issues. Is this in fact a Wildcard problem? How can there still be issues if an update was implemented from MS?
  4. All of my event candy i had stored up from Easter, summer bash, and Halloween all dissappear out of my vaults after the update. DILO Wildcard i worked hard to get that stuff. Compensation? Again DILO Wildcard.
  5. How about pulling all Fear Evolved events until all players can actually enjoy it. Why does wildcard always screw up the Xbox update. Pfft
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