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  1. New Cluster ark server Hi! Im making this post for users who are looking for a new server to play. Thats a cluster server, with no mods, european, and it opened today. All the information are in the discord. I leave for here the discord invite. https://discord.gg/MtQCSw See you!
  2. Thank you @JimmyMarbles. You help me so much but i dont understand all. So if you can add me on discord: Enrique Rudolf#3829 and help me doing this. Thank you so much man.
  3. Epic Games users ark error Epic Games users ark error Hi. I got a server with ark server manager that i open today. First, steam persons can join the server. Then we check that we need to put on the crossplay to let epic games join server. We put it on and they are avalible to join. But today in the 312.19 update, we restart and update the servers, but epic games cant join server. It stay in Joining server and then put "Connection Timeout" Steam users can join. ¿Something to do? Screenshot ---> gyazo.com/b2c25ebe4d39a1aad54b3867a3fdf002
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