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  1. Now with all respect, this is a total bullpoop. Sure, I do like breeding events as well as everyone else does. Sure I do like to get things done easily as well as everyone else does. I would gladly start raising my dinos faster should they decrease their maturation time... like everyone else would. That would be great... for a while. For a very very short while. And than what? It would just become boring again. Have you ever heard about so called "power creep"? What joy is in getting a mutated dino if you can breed them again and again without any delay? If you can raise them with
  2. Well... I do not know if I should call it a bug or what but.... I have just checked in the game and my seeds have no spoil timer. And those seeds I had in dedicated box are still there, I can take them out, put them back... no spoil timer at all. So... what is the problem???
  3. Being a console player I do not care about mods as they are not available to me.... So, nice picturees and... nothing else?
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