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  1. Death when offline I was on official server Ragnarok767 online, character name is Tall Freak. I was very sure I was not being attacked before logging out, and I am also within my base. Suddenly, when I relogged (just few minutes from this post), I got a message I was attacked by a wolf. Of course, since I did not aware when it happened, I lost all my gears, and as a new player this is very discouraging. Luckily my tamed pets are still alive. Is this a normal thing in the server? Is "splash" damage possible to affect me if my pets were attacked when I was offline? Because my pets are just next to my base. Attached is my base, and the my pet wolves are just to the right (where possible attack might happened). However I did check for any damage on near by walls, but they seemed none. I am not sure if this is a bug or a query, please advice to move to other forum if this is not a bug.
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