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  1. (PC) Join The Kingdom Today! The Kingdom Discord is recruiting Ark players that want to do Pve content and participate in planned pvp combat at a designated location on The Crystal Isles. If you are interested in checking out the server please join the Discord @ https://discord.gg/YQN4BvE. The rates for taming breeding and harvesting have been increased as well as exp gains. Come check us out. Mic preferred.
  2. (PC)Join The Kingdom Today! The Kingdom is recruiting people to our gaming discord to play Ark and other games on our private server. We are still working through The Island and will eventually move on to another map. There are currently no Mods but will be looking into adding them when Epic releases Mod support. If you are interested in checking us out please join the Discord at this link: https://discord.gg/YQN4BvE Look forward to seeing you all on the Discord.
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