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  1. 11 hours ago, TheDonn said:

    Ok, but it means nothing on a case-by-case basis.  The dude should submit a ticket!  If the GM messages back that blocking it is OK, then so be it!  I personally have reported and had huts expunged. 

    A few reports of nothing being done doesn't mean that nothing is ever done about node-blocking, especially if people can provide recent examples of when nodes were forcibly unblocked, I dunno.  It is possible that the GM will send him the same response.  It is also possible that the GM will delete the structures.  It's not like its a waste of time for a player, who feels the blocking is unnecessary, or a waste of time for the GM, whose duties include judgment calls on such issues.

    @StinkyFingerton, I'd report it.  Invincible might be right, you might get told its not a violation, you might not.  Depends on the GM.

    It is not boxed over, just a single foundation with a stacked pillar. I think it is being done with the sole purpose of preventing others from harvesting those nodes, out of some form of spite. Then there are again, foundation and pillar stacks all over that region of the map. All from the same tribe. Its like they dont want anyone else on a server they never play on....i dont get it...

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