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  1. Bingo This fixed it for us and everything is back to normal
  2. Cheers for the extra info guys We tried rolling back that did nothing Next step is to check the Nitrado settings for the ItemStack I will let you know if it works for me Just once I would love to play Ark without it breaking over an update that's a waste of time
  3. Item Stacking Right, never known a game so fun yet frustrating at the same time. Since all the BS around summer bash we had our Nitrado server update with the 2 "Fixes" and yeah the invisible items and crashing appears to have stopped however. Since the update items no longer stack at all, meat, metal, stone you name it nothing stacks just 1 single item per inventory slot. Entire vaults of materials have been messed up so for example Pre patch Metal vault had 40 stacks of 100 Metal Post Patch Metal Vault has 40 stacks of 1 metal and i have tried manually stacking them nothing happens. Is anyone else having this issue or is this something specific to our server do you reckon
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