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  1. information about logs

    hi community,

    I wondered if it was possible to see the access logs of the tribe members,

    because by logging in I can no longer find a dinosaur and asking in tribe nobody knows anything.
    In the logs he is not dead, so I know for sure that he is still alive,

    but I don't know where, I know that it is not possible to know the position,

    but at least to see who has logged in a time slot is possible?

  2. ok thank you, I contacted through the ticket system, I hope they answer me, a player blocked me in the cave with two doors I'm with my dinosaur, I asked to let me pass he asked me for a 10k metal extortion, I don't know how to do it and I wouldn't want to lose the dinosaur.

  3. Rulez of official server ?

    hi community
    I apologize if I have the wrong section, I find myself facing problems, that is, tribes have built fences on the sides of my house, forcing me, if I want to move, to go by water.
    I wanted to know if there are rules to be observed, the server is official ark the map is the center and the server is 743.
    thanks for understanding.

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