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  1. 6 and a half hours pressing refresh i just wanted to feed and imp my babies at 9:30. Now i can't hold rl off anymore and have to go out. If the server starts working my imps will be stuffed and my babies will starve. AGAIN! Great job wildcard . 3rd weekend in a row unplayable. For the love of Odin fix 1600-1604 pve . Why am i even bothering they dont give a .............
  2. Hi guys 1602 here. Been trying to log in since 9:30 . Its 1599-1604 that are running on wet teabags instead of servers . 3rd weekend in a row. 1605 has hardly missed any game time while we are around 150 in game days down now. 1600 is worst i salute you and wish us all luck
  3. 4 hours of hitting refresh. Server still on same day.nothing happening except my A button wearing out. Hope X3 ends soon and ark becomes playable.hope its that and not the p.c patch that broke the day 1 gen2 servers. I feel for you 1600 guys. Your server is even worse than ours. At least my imprints due at 18:30 last night are only a bit late 20 hrs later. Trying to stay positive. Its getting hard on day 3 of this
  4. It just popped up for 15 seconds. 3 hours 15 mins have gone by since 18:00 pm last night. I hope we will actually be able to play at some point
  5. Hello from gen2 1601 , we recently hit the milestone of 100+ in game days lost to instability , yay go us. After a weekend of rollbacks and dc's 1601 has ceased to be. Just wondering when it will return. It would help if we even had a rough idea as there may be hope for my imprints since from 18:00 to 22:30 (gmt) only 8 minutes went by in game. I gave up at that point. Saturday my basils were pregnant for 12 hours and still had an hour and a half to go when i finally gave up. Its been a wasted weekend it would be nice to get stuff done.any news on when we will be able to would be great. Thanks . Stringbean
  6. Crystal isles 1502 xbox server is still down . Any ideas why anyone?
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