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  1. The issue has been resolved. But I definitely have an open NAT. It was an Ark issue nothing to do with my server.
  2. Player Dedicated Server help. I am having an issue where players cannot join on my server without an invite. When players go to the server gamertag "join game" is grayed out. Anyone else having this issue? This is for Xbox.
  3. Cluster Help First off, I'm on a Win10 pc. Wanting to set up a cluster, but do not know where to start. First, I was told that the only way I would he able to import dinos, add stacking, ect, was to rent a 3rd party host. Well, I figured my way around having to do that. So I know there is a work around, getting a cluster set up. Would I need 2 PC's or could I run a VM?
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