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  1. I would love it if arthropleuras got a proper tlc I would love them to have another mode similar to the stegosaurus, for example they take increased bullet damage but I would like it so if they are it turret mode they lose that debuff (I understand them having that debuff while raiding as they would be half unstoppable at base attack)
  2. Updates that don't solve the problem but just shift it Could I please just start to ask if wildcard could test updates before they roll them out, everybody on xbox knew when the summer bash update happened, something would go wrong and when the fix came on Monday I was relieved until it started causing other problems. Instead of game crashing after 5 minutes of being on a server it is now crashing quite often on or even before the start screen. It is starting to feel like the idea of testing a update would be a smart one before sending out said update. I am thankful for the hotfix b
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