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  1. Cannot keep save data in servers Hello, I posted something similar a few days ago. My game won't allow me to keep my multiplayer (or server) save data. I'm forced to restart and create a new survivor every time I log into a server or rejoin a server. All my progress is lost and its beginning to ruin the game for me. I would like to he able to play with other people without losing everything I grind FOR HOURS for. Seriously, please fix this. Ive been trying to get your attention for several days. I dont have anyone to play Ark with other than through servers.
  2. I feel you my friend, it's really irking me. I lose all my progress and I lose my ability to change my character as well. That and I keep getting trolled...
  3. Character reset Hi, I play on the Ps4, with a physical copy of Ark Survival Evolved. Every time I click on the server i was on (or use 'join previous server' ) my character is deleted and I am forced to restart. I lose hours of work and resources,levels, dinos, ect. No matter what server I'm in every time I rejoin I have to restart. Why is that? Its starting to irk me and I am getting extremely tired of building something, taming a dino, or something else and losing it all because I had to go do chores or whatnot.
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