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  1. What about one eerie and one noneerie having an eerie, do yall know that likeliood of that? Was there an update to the parents both having to be errie? Just trying to conirm something i overheard....
  2. I would suggest a button in inventory where you can just swap what the survivor is carrying with that of their tamed creature (in flight would also be great addition.) Example: I am in the middle of building an aviary and have 45 glass walls, ceilings, sloped walls and door frames, and materials for said structures.. etc. Suddenly, tribemate is in trouble and I need to hop on my flier who is holding weapons and ammo and extra armor. I just need one button where I could swap what my creature has for all my building materials. (“Transfer all” is a close option but only half the idea.)
  3. Found it! Ark mobile has tame request! Thx @invincibleqc for your input!
  4. I just started on a pve server a few weeks ago, I’m a level 52, I could’ve used this command (or a cryopod) around level 20... I still haven’t seen one piece of tek or shard of element or cryopod around (unless it’s owned by someone else,obvi.) maybe, if not in a fliers personal command, maybe the devs can add it into the cheat codes on console? I like the idea of telling my tame to get home. Like a pet who got out of the yard kinda lol.
  5. What about before you make it to tek gear? It takes a few tames, resource runs and wild Dino fights before the tek stuff starts coming in..
  6. So... you’re riding along on your level 430 argy, harvesting meat, minding your own business, and come across an amazingly colored, level 50 giga whom you obviously can’t pass up taming.. and you just so happen to have a saddle for it in your inventory (because, let’s face it, you were anxiously awaiting the day a giga crossed your path).. Fast forward a short while and you are now the proud owner of said giga. And you want to get some double XP in but don’t want your Argy just floating around while you and your giga are getting to know each other (AKA wreaking havoc on every living thing
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