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  1. 1x rates back? Did the last update mess up the new 2x rates since now getting 1x gather rates. Painfully grindy
  2. The gen is perfectly within the range and limits of the structure, it's an issue with in game mechanics. The mechanic was put in place to stop people building up to I guess the sky barrier (or ridiculously high above ground level) where it only lets you build a structure so far above terrain. However, this limit is effecting building on a ocean plat and cliff platform and has been a issue which people have brought up in the past. The game is literally at point not registering that you are building on a platform at all but as if you've built a pillar all the way up in the sky. I have worked wit
  3. Too high above ground level, Ocean Platform So today been working on ocean plat and just got done making turret towers. However, I go to place cable leading off of the Gen and I get the message 'Too high above ground level' So I try the other way round by snapping the gen to said cable which also produced this same, frustrating message. Why are there even Ocean platforms if you can't build on them properly. Really hasn't been thought through at all and needs fixing ASAP This is all on official also so many many hours wasted.
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