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  1. So im currently at the stage where im stacking mutations and it is taking an insane amount of time I play on Xbox One, and yes i know about to slomo command, so if anyone knows anything that could help me speed this up, please help
  2. So this might seem a little complex but ill try and simply it the best I can So I found two wild rex's breed them and got two lvl 99 identical twins (ID1) (1D2). I breed those two together until I got 6 un-mutated females with the exact same level and stats as ID1 and ID2. I then breed all of those females with their father until I got a male rex that was lvl 101 (MR). So I breed the mutated rex with all the 6 females and the results confused me.. When i hatched the eggs the levels of the babies where either lvl 99 or 101 and they all had a random mutations but no new m
  3. So i just breed my original male and female together and got twins with the exact same stats, can I continue the process with these two??
  4. Im on xbox, and ive put the difficult level all the way up and i have put the command in "DestroyWildDinos" And i could not ever find anything higher then a level 80 rex. Is there some type of setting that im missing to get higher creatures??
  5. So i need help with getting mutations and stacking those mutations or at least were i should begin So i have a level 73 female and a level 97 male rex, i breed them and i got a female (F1) and now i am going to breed those two together again to get a male (M1) to breed with the female (F1). So once i breed the two siblings together where do i go from there???
  6. Will genesis pt 2 be the last dlc for ark? Does anyone know if genesis pt 2 will be the last dlc for the ark franchise?
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