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  1. Js but being hostile and negative towards another player really isn't helpful either. It's just a game...yes disappointing that we can't enjoy it right now, but lashing out at someone isn't the way to go pal. Just relax and go play something else until it's back up and going. Truthfully I've never had issues playing ark on my xbox since I downloaded it last year...this would be the first time. Again don't lash out, we are all frustrated it's just a game your life isnt gonna end if you have to wait an extra day to play. Be kind
  2. Ugh so almost 2 hr update downloaded, got game fired up ready to play...made it 5 mins in caught a really cool looking spino and then I got shot back to homescreen...sigh* guess back to witcher I go.
  3. Dude I'm gonna cry lol I want a crystal wyvern soooo bad but not if I'm gonna sit around for days on end to play. Hopefully wc figures out all this poop before they release it...sonwe can actually enjoy the game.
  4. Lol hey progress! Mine crashed again after 21 mins
  5. Anyone know the eta for the fix? It's so weird, (playing on xbox) I can access every map except valguero...which of course happens to be my main character It legit is the only one that crashes. Also anyone know if anything left in the transmitter gets "vaporized" when they fix this sh*t? I really hope not, I got a bunch of dinos I put in from other maps yesterday before update and didnt get a chance to grab them...
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