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  1. Plus 24hrs now since I logged on and realised everything was gone, over a year of grinding - The island complete (just a few elusive dino's left to tame); Scorched complete (only missing phoenix); Aberration - working towards Rockwell (had good drakes and saddles, good spinos, good meglasaurus, 2 caves complete, almost a full set of ascendant hazard gear, grinding element out, and looking forward to going deep into the red zone looking for reapers ... all gone. Yesterday I had 10 mins of absolute despair, 10 minutes of punching the back of the sofa, and then acceptance. Only to find I can't ac
  2. Same issue. When I came into game (xbox) this morning survivor logged in like I had died, base, dinos etc all gone like I had just started on map. Lost over a year of playing ark single player. Resolved myself to having to restart but even on a new game everytime I log out of game and go back in ... nothing saved, everything build or tamed disappears. To say I am gutted and hugely disappointed is an understatement
  3. Just had aberration crash back to xbox home screen whilst loading single player aberration on xbox. If I try to reload the game I get corrupted graphics and then I am invited to create a brand new character. Hard reset of the xbox just resets the cycle. I have tried removing & reinstalling my profile, removing and resynching my save game data, and the very long process of reinstalling the game, have also tried resetting xbox to factory defaults ...nothing works still getting the same issue. I see from posts approx 2018 that this has been an identical issue before. Really don't want to star
  4. And now ... game crashes if I try to 'join arc' ... session list starts to load then freezes and will not do anything ... have to restart xbox to clear ... amazing
  5. Following the tedious installation of the winter wonderland event ... I now have zero servers being found/listed on session list (all maps/all modes/auto favourite sessions/show password protected/unofficial pc sessions). Result - I am unable to locate and log-in to my nitrado server to play ... great work again wc anyone else having same/similar issue?
  6. Playing single player and nitrado server on xbox1. Server seems to be as normal. Single player after update of Fear Evolved - massive lag issues. In and around my base FPS is now down to 5fps and lag makes everything around base virtually impossible (feeding dinos/breeding/crafting etc). Was running absolutely perfect before update ... I have not added any more structures or dinos to base ... now only playable when base is completely rendered out. Wish there was an option to not install events ... as there are always issues. Anyone else having a similar issue with rendering/lag/fps?
  7. Fingers crossed ... got big update as soon as I turned on xbox this morning
  8. Same here. Xbox one ... play both single player and dedicated private server with my buddy in the evening. Only been on single player today, Can only get maybe 10mins before game crashes and boots me back to xbox home screen. On restart back to where I started with no save game progress. If use spyglass whilst on Argy ... character stands up. I would love to be playing right now whilst on my day off and whilst the weather is rubbish ... Wildcard please sort ASAP
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